Fresh Tomato Glass Skin Hypdrating Toner

5 5 0 11 11 Fresh Tomato Glass Skin pH 5.5 Hydrating Toner removes excess dirt, traces of oil and make up. It’s tonic benefits are to balance the pH of your skin, deep clean, tighten pores, make skin smoother, whiter and appear firmer, making it look naturally healthy and glowing.
Fresh Tomato Glass Skin Hypdrating Toner


It will make your skin look fresh and clean, yet moisturized. This one is ideal even for sensitive facial skin like mine. I have been using this product for years now. Tried and tested --mild and effective.
Fresh tomato glass skin
Super hand Ang perfect and also quality sorba talgang Ganda and Hindi ko pinag sisihan nagumit ako Neto guys I love this product 100% remove bacteria and soft your skin add to o cart na po
so nice
I also use this kind of toner. super nice nito at hindi mahapdi sa face.
a must try
a must try product for girls maganda sa face kahit hindi kana mag make at affordable
Refreshing and Very Affordable
I use this 4 days ago na, I think It's very Affordable because its Watery-consistency. It feels refreshing and moisturizing. It was a tacky feeling while applying, but once it dries out it’s all good na very lightweight na sa face ang sarap na mag make.up kasi feeling smooth and moisture ng face after mag apply neto.
HEY GIRLS YOU MUST HAVE THIS! My holy grail, been using it before and after I clean my face, everytime I wear make up to longer stay and to make you fresh, always! Love this and always on my cart.
One of my favorite skin care.
If you want to achieve korean looking skin this is a good try to use, it is very mild and does not hurt the face. i really want to use it and i recommend it to my friends too.
Tomato Glass Skin
✅ Every girl wants a glass skin this product is perfect for you ✅ High Quality at affordable price ✅ Try this out
Supple Skin
I decided to try out this line as I have been reading great reviews about it and I was so happy I did. It lives your skin more supple when you wake up in the morning. It is also very refreshing. I am already on my second bottle and I am very happy with the effect as toners can be drying but again, I'm glad that this doesn't do that.
This product is refreshing specially when you are using tomato glass skin brightening and revitalizing. This is skin friendly and does not cause breakouts. This is a must try specially for sensitive skin
Blooming grail
This surely gives you the Korean Glass Skin most of us want to achieve! I only use it at night to make sure that it really sets on my face and that everything is absorbed during the night. Super must-have!

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