Good Life Premium Vermicelli

5 5 0 11 11 Good Life Premium Vermicelli is perfect for dry, saucy and soupy dishes! It is made with premium potato starch making it smooth, crystal-clear and firm to the bite when cooked.
Good Life Premium Vermicelli


great noodles
used this for sotanghon. great product! firm yet soft.
Our brand of choice for vermicelli
We been using this brand for years for pansit, sotanghon and other dishes. We always include it in our grocery list. The product is easy prepare and can be included to all kinds of dishes. Highly recommneded product for the family and alsp to your business.
I like this sotanghon kase ang ganda ng consistency nya hindi sya ung sobrang lambot pag na luto at available sya s amga leading stores di sya nawawala sa. Grocery list ko.
Not Soggy Noodles
Good life Premium Vermicelli, great item, not soggy and can easily be cooked. I love it best for my sotanghon paired with boiled egg and some veggies! Viola easy nutritious meal. Best in any season!
best vermicelli
this is the best vermicelli in the market no need to soak it when cooking plus it has better texture when eating its is not soggy even if you cook it too much and over all the price is cheaper. you can do a lot of dishes with this
Premium rice
Napaka sarap hindi sya buhaghag masarap kainin
Love it!
Good life Premium Vermicelli is our favorite brand, the texture and aroma is perfect partner for any meat, we usually stir fry this with vegetables and chicken, its also perfect for a soup.
Not much a fan of sotanghon, but whenever I cook chicken sotanghon or chicken noodle soup (I use vermicelli instead of egg noodles) I always bought this brand. Al dente (yup, even on vermicelli) every time I cook it.
Masarap siya at mura pa..para sa wais na mommy swak xa sa bangga...
Best Sotanghon in the market
I always make sure to buy this whenever I go to the supermarket. This is, by far, the best sotanghon. This is not just for special occasions but you can have it as a snack - just toss it in your wok, add a little bit of meat and veggies, season it, and you're good to go! Always love the texture of this noodles.
Sotanghon for long life
I love this brand of noodles. My family especially parents enjoys this amazing noodles. Doesn't sag no matter how long it has been in the heat. It still is firm to the bite and it is just what my folks and I love about this sotanghon. Thanks GOODLIFE!

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