4.8 5 0 13 13 Premium soft crunch cookie sandwich that has a rich cheddar cheese flavor cookie is made for your exquisite taste.
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Premium cookies
I love hansel premium cookie sandwich. For me it is a special.
I love the taste and the smell of this product. Excellent taste!
Affordable Price for a Premium Taste
What I like about this product is that it packs a flavor punch amid its subtle packaging. It's just a black box with an image of the biscuits and the name of the product. But when you get to taste it, the rich cheese flavor gets to you. It's savory and salty and goes well with the tender crumb of the biscuit. I always keep a box of this in my office drawer for emergency snacking.
not an ordinary biscuit
PREMIUM, yes, it tastes expensive..Hansel taste is really enhanced with the fillings
Im not fond of biscuits but this one has a great and unique taste !
These are factual top notch cheese crackers but there yummy
Since Hansel Premium was introduced to the market my husband is the number one fan. He was the one who told me about this and brings me this as his pasalubong, oh we were just boyfriend/girlfriend that time 😉 My favorite flavor of hansel is the classic mocha but when I tried this premium cheddar it made me change my mind.
Super sarap
This biscuit is favorite ng mga pamangkin ko hindi nawawala pag nag pupunta kami sa groceries.Lalo na yung palaman niya sobrang sarap.Hindi siya nakakasawa na biscuit di katulad ng ibang biscuit.
perfect baon
perfect baon for kids and adult maganda pa ang kanyang packaging. affordable din naman. mas masarap kaysa sa regular hansel.
The best
D aq mahilig s biscuit pero ito super saraaaap talaga. Cheesy na cheesy. Pati mga anak q gustong gusto ito baunin s school!
Favorite ng mga Bagets
My daughters love this. This is like the local version of Ritz. I like how the cheese is so creamy. Medyo madali lang mag crumble ang cookie pero ok lang. Kaya nila umubos ng tig isang box ib one sitting.
Say cheese
Anyone who loves to eat cheese will love it. The crunchy biscuit both end sadwiched the cheese filling gives a good satisfying feeling every bite.
Perfect for on the go people
This a perfect baon treat for people who are always busy and no time to grab food from the cafeteria.Its very delicious and of course cheese is my favorite thats why I really like it. The brand itself says it all "premium".

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