Hansel Premium Cheddar Cheese Cookie Sandwich

4.8 5 0 88 88 Premium soft crunch cookie sandwich that has a rich cheddar cheese flavor cookie is made for your exquisite taste.
Hansel Premium Cheddar Cheese Cookie Sandwich


Tastes imported
when i first tried this i was stunned because it does taste like combos.. hahahaha.. since then we always have this premium hansel sandwich.. there where times that it was sold out to a supermarket and will look to another supermarket just to buy this.. hahaha
Savory Hansel
At first, I was hesitant to try this Hansel since I got used to their sweet flavors. Then it wasn't a bad idea trying it because it is now part of my grocery list. A perfect snack while pulling an all nighter especially if you're craving for something salty and savory.
Cheese Flavor
Im drooling everytime I see Hansel Premium Cheese Flavor woah its soooo yummy
Great and cheap alternative to Ritz
This is my go to snack when I am hungry and craving for something salty and savory. Price is much cheaper than Ritz so I don't feel guilty eating it. :)
hansel premium
From the very time I tasted the Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich, I knew it is a cut above the rest. Its taste is comparable to a popular imported 
Good snack
Taste and looks like premium however after several servings, it taste salty.
Love it pinatikim lang sakin ng kaklase ko noon tapos sobrang nagustuhan ko sya kasi sobrang sarap
Our favorite
My sister and i love this. The crackers and the cheese spread taste good. Cheaper alternative to the other known imported brand. Sometimes it's not always available at grocery stores.
Cheesy goodness
Love this so much! The cookie is crisp and buttery while the filling is cheesy, salty, and tangy. It's also relatively affordable considering its a premium product.
Great product
My daughter likes it :) The texture and flavor is tasty.
hansel premium
The unique texture of Hansel biscuit is still the same with its normal flavors. I like that it's soft and crunchy. but I'm not really a fan of its cheese flavor. I like the mocha flavor better.
Hansel Premium
It has a unique taste compared to other brands. Living up to its name, it has a premium look and taste. Definitely worth a try!
Like it
The packaging is very good and the taste is good too, tho I hope it will have feelings.
I really love chesse so this one is my new favorite!
Supe love this biscuit since I am a cheese lover. This really satisfy my palate!

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