4.9 5 0 42 42 Premium soft crunch cookie sandwich that has a rich cheddar cheese flavor cookie is made for your exquisite taste.
Hansel Premium Cheddar Cheese Cookie Sandwich
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This snack is so good. Malinamnam at parang combos but in affordable price.
ITS NOT YOU AVERAGE CHEESE FILLED BISCUIT. Its good to be paired with sweet tea in my opinion to contrast the saltiness of the biscuit.
Surprisingly Addictive
The classic taste of the hansel biscuit compliments the cheese really well. It makes you want to consume more than what you're suppose to.
best snack!
this snack is sooo good and would recommend this when travelling, watching, or even when your waiting for your friends. they also have different flavors but i do recommend this cheese flavor!
Very surprising!
The packaging itself would make you think that it's expensive (but it's not!). It's very affordable and the taste is superb. Other reviews have mentioned it already and I'm going to say it again, it kinda tastes like combos but much cheaper. The cheese is not overpowering the biscuit. It's a perfect snack for everybody. Definitely deserves a 5/5
Hansel Premium
I love that the cheese flavor compliments with the savory taste of the biscuits.
So cheesy
Our family loves this snack! It tastes like Combos! Di mo na need na bumili nun kasi mas affordable ito and masarap! Hahanap hanapin mo talaga yung lasa nya na super cheesy! It's a must try
Yes. Have tried this and I super duper love it. Magugustuhan to lalo ng mga cheese lover. Kung naghahanap kayo ng kakaiba naman na lasa ng cheesy and milky taste, I recommend and suggest this product!
I remembered na natikman ko to way back 2014 nung nagttraining pa kami ng colleagues ko. He offered this and since cheese lover ako, di ko ineexpect na ganito pala kasarap ang cheese flavor ng Hansel.
A new cheese in town
I recently just found out about this product from a co-worker. At first i was surprised that hansel had cheese flavor. But also that it came in a box. At firat i was skeptical but when i got to taste it it was actually good. Being a person not liking cheese it actually got me to buy one for myself at the store since i really liled it. Hope they come out with bacon or some other flavor for me to try
Hnd sya nakaka umay. And mas masarap sya sa mocha un lang may konting kamahalan sa regular product pero affordable pa din..
Say Cheese!
Not your ordinary Hansel! When I tried this Premium Hansel, I immediately liked it because of its easily melting biscuit and the taste of its cheese filling is extraordinary. Nothing tastes like it & I will always always buy more 💛
The biscuit is so soft and tasty plus the cheese filling made it so yummy. Once you start its hard to stop. I liked it too much i sent some to my hubby in Saudi and he liked it too.
Premium soft crunch cokkies
This product was made to make your stomach full. It gives you a flavor that you won't tell that it was just a sandwich
Hansel Premium
Hansel Premium is really good. We always include it on our groceries, and my family loves it so much.

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