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Home Tester Club Tips: Cooking at home
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I love eating slaws on the side so i decided to make one this ECQ. Half head of large cabbage, julienned Half cup of mayo A bulb of onion, julienned Medium sized carrot cut julienned Salt & pepper Half lemon Toss them in a bowl and refrigerate for an hour. Can last a week in the fridge.
Quick & easy breakfast
I just wanna share a quick and easy recipe breakfast. Not many ingredients: a slice of bread, a hard-boiled egg, sliced cucumber, mayonnaise, salt&pepper to taste. First make egg salad by mixing egg with mayo, salt & pepper. Then toast the bread and spread with egg salad, top with sliced cucumber. Pair it with a cup of good coffee and I can start my day with all energy I need. Let's share more recipes here. I'm so excited to cook more!

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