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Home Tester Club Tips:  Work from home
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Love working from home
As a mom of two working at home is the answer, I love it because it gives me a lot of time for my kids and family. I am no longer missing school activities
Have a side job.
Working from home is convenient but you are only as good as your last job. At times when projects are low, it is better to have a side hustle that could be a your regular fallout and will not leave you short in funds.
Stay away from bed
If you want to work from home, stay away from your bed :) find a space in your house that you can be productive and inspired.
work at home
it's more convenient. easy to access. you can control your time and it's the best product to use for everyday basis.. I think we should spread information and awarenesss on how useful this product is.
A work space with a view
If you want to stay productive while working at home, my suggestion is to find a work space overlooking the outside garden or street. I tend to be more creative when I can see opposite garden or look up at the sky. It's gonna be even better if you put some plants/flowers on the table. It really helps when you feel stressful or tired from staring at the computer for too long.
Due to my daily routine like doing household chores like washing dishes, cooking, cleaning the house inside and out, watering the plants, washing our clothes, sweeping the floor etc. while keep an eye to my little boy (my 2 years old son), taking care of my son like taking him bath, cutting nails, playing and talking to my little one, giving him vitamins and changing diaper, feeding and breastfeed my son (i am also giving exclusive time for my son) i've already consume my time doing that everyday and of course a little time for my self like cutting my nails, removing my dandruffs, taking a bath and eating. I think my time is very hectic that i cant work from home because i also need to take a rest.

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