Hygienix Germ-Kill Anti-Bacterial Wipes

4.8 5 0 138 138 Hygienix Germ Kill Anti Bacterial Wipes combines the 99.99% germ kill action* and Tea Tree Oil, a natural agent that provides skin protection! It’s also powered with moisturizing actives to save skin from dryness. It leaves your skin refreshingly clean after every use!
Hygienix Germ-Kill Anti-Bacterial Wipes


Gently-scented, clean, compact
I like how small it is despite containing more sheets than others. I really love how gentle it is on the nose and how it maintains it's moisture because it is well sealed. I would recommend this to my friends and family.
smells nice
Hygienix Germ-Kill Antibacterial Wipes smells nice
Soft, wet, nice
Upon seeing the product it looks like any ordinary wipes. But, after using it to wipe some of my personal stuffs and my hand I can tell that it makes me feel more clean than other wipes. It smell nice too
non-sticky, non-drying to the hands
It has a fresh scent, non-sticky feel and non-drying to the hands.
Compact, Hygienic,Skin friendly
I honestly do not like the smell of the wipes, I've been using the alcohol and it smells great. Thi is very useful when I don't have my alcohol around as this is not a regular wipes but an anti-bacterial one. Aside from the scent, I am very happy with this product. Its like bringing alcohol and wipes all in one pack.
No paraben,hypo-allergenic,skin friendly
I like this product because it is indeed multi purpose used, can't irritate skin Not so fan of the tea tree oil scent or probably i am just wanting the hygenix trademark scent Overall, it is a good buy Thank you Home Tester Club for sending this product
Excellent germ killing wipes
To be honest, this is my go to wipes whenever I go. I love the scent because it smells so clean! I use it almost on anything and anywhere.
Worry-free On-the-go Wipes
I super love Hygienix wipes , It lessen my fear of virus especially this covid season , I just get it from my bag super on-the-go clean bestfriend.
convenient, gentle, germ-fighting
I love the scent. It's gentle on skin, won't sting and durable enough for tough scrubbing. I like that it's alcohol-free, paraben-free and dermatologically tested which means that I can use it for my sensitive skin and also for my son's skin. It leaves a refreshing feeling and won't dry your skin.
Handy Germ Buster
I like how handy the wipes are when you need something to clean surfaces with especially when one have three small kids like me. As a mother, I appreciate how it gives me a bit of peace of mind that my kids are touching cleaner surfaces. I also used it to clean my work station. I noticed that there's small bubbles when you wipe it, just like agua oxinada which we use to clean wounds.
Scent, smooth texture and safe
Number one i'd like to this product it has 99.99% germ kill very safe to use to disinfect your area also the scent makes you relax because of the tea tree oil scent.
Clean, Amazing and Bright!!
I love this product the Hygienix antibacterial wipes. It's perfect for someone like me travelled and work onsite, you can bring it anytime anywhere. I use it for my laptop, computer table and inside my house. It cleans and sanitized my things perfectly!
Wet wipes is really like a tea tree oil
This product is very useful nowadays during this pandemic and I love this product because of the smells is great!! The wet wipes is really like a tea tree oil and removes odors from hands. Leaves my skins soft and non-sticky! A new must have in my hygiene bag!! Thank you so much for the free wipes!!
Germ-kill, moisturized, handy.
With its packaging of 20 sheets in a hand-sized packaging, I'd say it is so handy to put in the bag and carry everywhere. The wipes are made of cotton. The scent is like a matcha tea. I used it in almost anything - to clean my hands before and after eating or going to the restroom, and also, I use it to removed my make-up. It always leaves my skin moisturized. I'd say this is already an essential for us - especially girls.
Convenient Effective Moist
The product is very good, it gives you that assurance that it's not jist going to wipe everything clean but it will disinfect it at the same time. It doesn't have any alcohol and paraben so it is really safe to use on a day to day basis. The scent of the tea tree oil is too overpowering for me so if I had to change anything about the product it would be to lessen the scent. Overall, I love the product and would recommend for you to use it.

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