Indo Mie Instant Noodles Mi Goreng - Original

4.9 5 0 164 164 For quick and easy meals, it's hard to beat the satisfying Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles. These delicious noodles are full of flavor and easy to cook.
Indo Mie Instant Noodles Mi Goreng - Original


My new fav instant noodles
I so love Indo Mi Goreng! The original flavor already has a right kick of spicyness in it which I like. I love it to be sprinkled with calamansi to make it Filipino. I so love this that I bought 3 bundles and after a week, I now I just have a packets.
Indomie mi goreng
This is not your ordinary instant fried noodles. The rich flavour and the right kick of spiciness will hit the right spot.
Breakfast namin lagi sa alfamart. Masarap lalo with egg laging hinahanap ng customers.
Our favourite instant noodle
We first tried this overseas and was happy when we see this here in the Philippines. Favorite ni misis and i really like it.
this is delicious! well, if you want a level up of your usual pansit canton flavors, then this is really a good alternative. i love its sweet and spicy flavor. the additional garnish enhances the flavor as well. just be careful not to overcook the noodles because...who wants that?
Always on the grocery list!
D to nawawala sa grocery list namin. My fam’s fave instant noodles. Super sarap!
Indomie instant noodless
Nagtry ako bumili nito sa supermarket sobrang sarap nya po di kayo mabibigo.
Mi Goreng sa sarap
My family and I love this fried noodles and one more thing is swak sa budget for a mom like me na nagtitipid. Medyo nagdadry lang sya but the taste is delish talga. But all in all, I recommended this one
At first akala ko di sya masarap kase first time ko magtatry ng fried noodles na Mi Goreng. Pero super sarap pala nya
Good discovery
I have seen some social media influencers rage about this product and was enticed to try it. To my surprise, this was a good one. I liked that it is tasty and a bit spicy which surely delighted my tastebuds. I'm glad that I have tried it and this has been my go-to quick meal ever since.
Good, but could be better
I haven't been a big fan of instant pansit ever since Lucky Me changed the proportion of their flavour packet to noodles, but when I worked in the Middle East, instant pansit is one of the few food items we are allowed to 'cook' (our regular food is catered). Lucky Me! Pancit Canton is available in groceries, but Indomie is more preferred even by Filipinos. There are two varieties of Indomie Mi Goreng there. There is a regular & a special Mi Goreng. I preferred the latter because it has 'bawang' (it means 'onion' in Indonesian, though). Somehow, the saltiness varied greatly among the packets. Sometimes, it's bland but other times, it's as salty as Pancit Canton before the recipe change. In any case, I think it tastes better than the current Lucky Me! Pancit Canton. It's still junk food, though, so I can only comment about its palatability. Overall, I think Mi Goreng is good, but should be more consistent when it comes to its taste.
Amazing Product
It taste just fine. It is better with lots of topping like eggs and meat but without those it is not so tasty.
Addictive. Highly recommend this!
One of my comfort food. Reminds me of my college days. Dorm food of me and my friends. The flavor is distinct. Very unique. Taste like home cooked noodles. Doesn’t taste too processed.
Even I don't understand why I like it
Okay so listen. I grew up eating the usual Lucky Me Pancit Canton, which is classic. But this one, I discovered through bloggers who tried out all sorts of recipes with instant noodles. It comes with some sauces that I forgot the name of, but the spiciness is on a different level and flavour. I loved it! My other family members aren't big fans though, so perhaps it's not for everyone. My guess is if you're not into very flavourful cuisine, you might not find this tasty.
Always got this everytime. Masarap at di nakakasawa. 😋

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