Jack ‘n Jill Cheesy Knots

4.9 5 0 51 51 Jack ‘n Jill Cheesy Knots is milky cheese flavored pretzel.
Jack ‘n Jill Cheesy Knots


I didn't expect it to be good
I hate pretzels but I love cheese. the other variants are also just okay for me. but when I tried this one, made me buy more. perfect combination of unflavored pretzel, and a little cheese. not too salty, not too sweet.
Wish there was a bigger size for this.
Wish there was a bigger size for this. Me and my kids specially my oldest always request this one for her baon for school. When we groceries I'll always sure that we have this in our cart. Coz i eat it too hays! Wish u guys have a bigger size for this for like me a bigger tummy hehe.
Cheese knot
Hindi ko alam anong meron jan sa snack ng jack and jill. Hindi matamis hindi rin maalat masarap lang talaga sya. Para kong bumabalik sa pag ia bata ilalagy konpa yan sa freezer para mas masarap pag malamig.
Cheesy Knots
It's our families favorite snacks. You can actually put it on charcuterie board. We love it as snacks, the tatse is really good though may "umay" factor kapag naparami.
jack n jill cheesey knots
ang jack n jill cheesey knots ay favorite kong baonin nung elementary pa ako hangang ngayon masarap parin ang jack n jill cheesey knots kahit sumakit pa ngipin ko kumakain parin ako kaso nga masarap kahit anak mo favorite na niya mga product ng jack n jill
Oh Lala! Cheese
Eversince I was a child I love cheese and the moment I tasted it, the time Jack n' Jill released a new flavor my cravings subside! I recommend this to my friend who also love cheese and to everyone who wants to try a new kind of flavor! Lets us shout in unison! Oh! Lala! Cheese!
It stays true to its flavor that it is milky and cheesy. It's actually good but it gets "nakaka-umay" when you eat a lot. I still recommend it though if you want to try something different aside from the usual chocolate, strawberry, and milk flavors.
This is so yummy! The cheese and milky combination of flavor is very good! My kids love to eat this especially me because i love pretzel biscuits! Its a snack that kids can eat everyday!
Gusto din sya ng anak ko.
Masarap sya.di nkaka sawa at nakaka umay Ang lasa nya😊kya naman gustong gusto sya kainin ng anak ko
cheesy knots❤️❤️
my all time favorite when i was studying...always my merienda...really loves the taste and the crunchiness❤️❤️❤️
Love It So Much! 🥰✌
since natikman ko tong flavor nato.. ito na ang pinaka love kong flavor sa lahat ✌
Child Fav
Ever since I was a kid I’m a fan of jack and Jill products. This one is a new flavor that everyone must also try especially to those cheese lover. The taste is just perfect and the texture is crunchy. The best product to satisfy our sweet tooth craving.
Crunchy and Cheesy!
I can hear the crunchiness and how good this is! We can't go to the picnic and get together with this!
So yummy
Very nice Ang healthy snacks for my kid. Because he want some more to eat this product. Plus the different flavor he likes so much. I always buy him. Masarap n, healthy pa.♥️♥️
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