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Jack'n Jill Chicharron Ni Mang Juan (Sukang Paombong)
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Its good but salty my kids like it but its not good for kids becos its salty
Not a chicharon
To be honest, this product ain't taste of chicharon.. i really dont like the taste at all.. it is very salty and very far from the taste of a real chicharon..
Too far from the real taste of chicharon
Convient snack since it's not like a real chicharon which are so big it cannot fit in your mouth. Mang Juan are bite sized so thats good. However, maasim lang sya, hindi masyadong malasa and may after taste sya na masakit na sa lalamunan if you ate too many. Its still a good snack though.
Sooo Masarap and bitin!
Super love the it! Pero bitin yung big pack sa akin. 🤣 sana mas more pa yung laman or may mas malaking size pa to offer.
MANGJUANanunuot sa sarap
The fact that it is made from green peas, it still taste like chicharon! Very delicious guilt free snack. Awesome!
It is best for movies, chill with your barkadas, your go to pulutan for every night out! You can also eat this when you’re bored without dipping to an actual vinegar. I love the convenience it gives me.
This mang juan is surely to die for! Ang sarap nya and i like to partner it with soda or rice hihi!
Mang Juan chicharon
I tried it .and it's taste good .. .I'd eat it while watching TV
Mang Juan
It is very tasty. I think the taste really suits the filipino tastebuds.
kung walang ulam... walang problema
its good. we use this as an alternative if we don't have ulam and its good.
Love it
I love this chicharon... Can be eaten with rice...
Sobrang sarap
Perfect sa pulotan, ulam at snack. Msarap na baon s trips!
Beer combo
Honestly i only eat this when drinking. Reason being is that it taste great with beer. It a go to snack that i always keep in handy at home. Its great also with rice. I know it sounds odd but it really is that good. It not a snack where you get tired of it after acfew munches. Can't wait for other flavors to come out to try with my trusty beer
Fav Snack
This yummy snack can't ran out of my goody cabinet, It is one of my favorite snack but I noticed that it's loosing its yummy zesty flavor. I don't know if they changed their recipe or there are other factors that might affected its flavor. I Hope they maintain consistency or atleast improve their product.
sooo good!😋
i really love the taste of this Jack'n Jill Chicharon ni Mang Juan. Its so tasty, kudos to the vinegary taste because I love vinegary foods so this one is good to me. I really recommend this type of snacks usually when you are on a trip its really good for sharing.

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