4.8 5 0 224 224 Your favorite tasty snacks that capture the Pinoy goodness of chicharron and fried chicken skin in an unforgettable vinegar flavors!
Jack'n Jill Chicharron Ni Mang Juan (Sukang Paombong)
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Fave chicha snack
Sizt if you really crave for something that's sour, I'm telling you to buy this one. Sa kapatid ko 'to nalaman since hindi naman ako mahilig/updated sa mga junk foods sa market. Got curious kung bakit fave niya, masarap naman pala kasi ung pagka-asim compared sa other chicha na maasim. Hindi na rin to nawawala sa GTG namin ng hs barkada noong high-school kami
Chicharon ni Mang Juan
Sobrang sarap. Masarap lalo habang nanonood ng tv/movie at family bonding. Malasa din sya at malaki para sa price nya kaya di nakakabitin.
I really love this food pwedeng pwede sya sa lahat sa panonood ng movie inuman man yan o ano pa saktong sakto i highly recommend this.
I love the sour and spicy combination of this product! The taste suites the Filipino tastebud and is surprisingly cheap for its content/serving. Every store and grocery have this on ther rack! Will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
Chicharon ni Mang Juan Review
This is my favorite flavor out of all the flavors available. My mother introduce this to me when I was in highschool. Since then it became one of my favorite snacks and our favorite pulutan during our inuman session. Its also my cart must haves everytime I go to supermarket.
Perfect for sour cravings
The snack is good enough to eat as it is but it’s much better partnered up with fried rice and pancit canton. I use this a lot as substitute for chicharon for some foods I cook.
Yummy chicha snacks
Healthy snack crackers na para sa mga may hearth problem ,di kailangan ma guilty dahil cholesterol free.. unique taste na gigising sa araw mo. Dahil kikiligin ka sa Asim🥰😁
kapag bumibili kami sa store hindi kami umaalis nang hindi nakakabili nito, sinasabay namin pagkain nito sa panonood ng movies or kapag liga pang barkada food talaga, parang nakakagising pa kasi yung flavor na ito considering suka.
Healthy chicharron alternative
At first I wasn't really betting my money on this But when my friend had brought one over for snacks I was impressed! Not too much vinegar and spice plus its a healthier alternative so kids can also snack on this!
Chicharon without the guilt
What I love most about this product is that it's made of vegetables, and no pork is used so there's no guilt. You can enjoy eating it. It is the perfect chicharon because it is already suka (vinegar)-flavored which makes it very convenient especially for people on the go.
I have always liked the taste. Been buying the product for sometime. Usually I wont be able to finish the entire pack in one sitting so I have been using food clips to keep it for future consumption. So even if I leave it for a day or two the texture and taste remains the same.
Very tasty
Super sarap! Perfect for sharing since malaki at madami. Masarap kainin during movie marathons. Mura at mabibili kahit saan
Chicharron ni Mang Juan
Chicharron ni Mang Juan may be another chicharon but its taste is quite unique and will be leaving you craving for one. It has a good blend of saltiness and sourness in it.
Mouth watering
I love the taste of chicharon ni mang juan, perfect for everything❤️
Sour with Crunchy feeling
When i am craving for sour and crunchy snack, i always look for this... It's a perfect combination of sour and crunchiness. It's savory, and it has a small and big size of packaging. You can bring it in picnic, outing or stock in your home. My family wants this. Highly recommended!

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