4.7 5 0 56 56 Your favorite tasty snacks that capture the Pinoy goodness of chicharron and fried chicken skin in an unforgettable vinegar flavors!
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masarap try it!masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it! masarap try it!
delicious and healthy snack
I really like this, it is not real chicharon which made from pork but it tastes like it, If you're having high BP or cholesterol and craving from chicharon no worries because mang juan is a vegetetatian chicharon that has the same taste of real chicharon... really like it especially the spicy flavor
my sons favorite snack
favorite namin to ng asawa ko. pinoy na pinoy ang snack na to. gusto din ng anak ko, lagi namin tong kinakain pag nanonood ng movie. baon din namin sa outing. yun nga lang napansin ko kokonti ang laman, ang laki ng packaging pero puro hangin. pero kung lasa paguusapan. masarap talaga!
Masarap xa!.best ka partner pg mgbobonding kau ng family like movie marathon,inuman or baong snacks pg outing.
It is probably one of the best in the local market among its kind. I love that it has 'vinegar' taste bec i love vinegar haha.. however my love for the authentic pork chicharon and chicken skin makes mang chicharon not my favorite.
Perfect Snack
Delicious and crunchy. It goes well with soda, juice or beer.
This is my favorite when i watch some movies. And havibg merinenda with my friends. I like it because it has a sour taste just like SUKA. and i didnt need to deep in vinegar.
Yummy snack
It's very delicious yet affordable. Me and my friends love it. A lot of people also buy this from our sari - sari store, especially the kids when it's merienda time. Masarap din sya iulam😂
Affordable yet satisfying
It's a great snack for everyone. I always purchased some of this for movie marathon with my friends.
Must try!!
Great to go snack aside from its cheap price it's also has good taste
Fave ko to.Super yummy. Affordable pa. Goodjob po.
yummy chicharron
this product is delicious and very flavorful! perfect for at-home hangouts or parties with family and/or friends
Balance sourness and saltiness
This snack is not only good for an afternoon snack, I also eat this as ulam💖
malinamnam tama lang ang lasa gusto ito ng anak ko
Mang Juan
Nung una ayaw ko kasi sabi nila pangit daw. Pero nung tinry ko na siya, ang sarap. May after taste sya tapos yung hinahanap mong asim, sakto lang sya para sakin, may touch of sweetness rin siya. I love it!

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