4.8 5 0 79 79 Knorr brings flavours to life in a meal made delicious with rice, real meat, vegetable and spices in Knorr Hot Meals Instant Arroz Caldo Mix. Made with real chicken and real jasmine rice. Enjoy a delicious and quality meal instantly anytime any day!
Knorr Hot Meals Instant Arroz Caldo
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An Instant Meal For Any Day
Simple to make. Affordable. The cup is thick to reduce the hot soup in it. Flavor is good. The rice and soup inside is thick and equally distributed once hot water is added and mixed well. Convenient to bring anywhere.
My lugaw!
Knorr made it easy for me when i crave for the traditional lugaw served when its already "ber" months ❄ . Knorr Instant Arrozcaldo has the flavor of my lola's 🤶 lugaw with that luya in it. Just add one boiled egg🥚 and its perfect!
Perfect for rainy days
Nothing beats home-cooked arroz caldo but this tastes really close to the real thing so whenever I feel like eating arroz caldo on a rainy day like today, this surely satisfies my craving.
quick Arrozcaldo
It's good that knorr has this hot meals in an instant.whenever you feel like you want to eat arrozcaldo in a quick way..this one is a sure hit but with the taste it is good but not as much as the taste of a home cook arrozcaldo....
its perfect
its perfect when i want to eat healthy and something hot. everytime im i dont want to take lunch im eating it with the savory flavor
Knorr Experience
I purchased the product to try it but honestly it is far from the usual arrozcaldo flavour. It is not that tasteful at all. But overall it is okay for empty stomach to eat in the morning.
On the go
One of my on the go meals. Perfect para sa mga nagmamadali at late nagising. Hindi time consuming lutuin at masarap.
masarap talaga
na try q cya matagal na almost year na.madalas kc aq tumambay dati sa mga convinient store lalo na kung pauwi galing sa work at maulan.masarap cya kainin pawi ang gutom.kaya recomended ko to
Knorr instant arrozcaldo
Good as meal on the go especially for a breastfeeding mom like me that goes hungry frequently. Easy to prepare and easy to eat. Wish it has more rice grains texture to eat for more authentic experience
Soup otg (on the go)
This product is very accessible and easy to find. This product is so delicious, it is good for people who are on the go like student and a mom like who wants to have an easy meriendas.
Very delicious
Very on the go and it is very delicious and affordable
Sulit Sarap
This product taste good! If you;re in a hurry you can just prepare this and eat it on the go! The flavor is good and everything! No improvement needed and will recomment it to others! Hoping to get a free product from you! So I can provide photo;s
Sulit meals
Perfect for on the go person. super sulit at laging available sa mga stores.
Arroz Caldo on the go!
This arroz caldo is a perfect partner when I am going to school for a skeletal workforce. Just a few minutes and you will have a delicious and sumptuous meal before starting your day. ❤️❤️❤️
Perfect for rainy season!
Giving the fact that arozcaldo is not always available. So if you are craving for it, just grab one and try. Yummy and your kids will surely loved this. Not too salty. Just right and there's no difference with the arozcaldo in the market or in your favorite luagawan store.

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