Kopiko Iced 78C Coffee

4.7 5 0 371 371 Coffee drinks made from selected coffee beans are extracted at 78C for the most optimal aroma, body and taste. Enriched with steam milk, Kopiko 78C has a delicious and rich flavour to energize you to your best.
Kopiko Iced 78C Coffee


This is one of my to-go iced coffee that can be bought at any convenience store. It helps me to stay up late whenever I have to review for exams or do my plates/sketches and drawings!
Love the strong coffee with a taste of milk
If I am working overtime or needed a dose of something to keep me awake for few more hours. It would be this. Just one bottle. You can taste the strong taste of coffee which I love yet there is a sweet taste too.
Kopiko 78c
Mas masarap inomin ito lalong-lalo na if nakalagay ito galing sa refrigerator. Nakaka active siya ng energy sa katawan ko. Kaya okay sa akin ito.
College buddy
My substitute sa Sb during college perfect for puyatan moments. My friends and I loved this!
Go to Iced coffee
This is my go-to coffee, aside from it is very cheap, it is effective for an all nighter activity. This product keeps me awake all night! I love its creaminess and its coffee beans was deliciously roasted (i think) unfortunately, I had to stop drinking this, not only this but cofee itself because of my GEd and I got episode of palpitations. But of course, if I crave for iced coffee, I secretly buy this.
all-nighter buddy
in my previous job, working overnight is usual. this coffee really helped me stay awake for long hours! the blend of coffee, creamer and sugar is well-balanced and it is actually delicious. perfect for iced coffee cravings. but the effect is very strong. i actually had palpitations and hyperacidity because of this, so intake of this should be moderate.
Kopiko 78
Tried this once because I was trying to stay awake after pulling an all-nighter. It has this strong taste and it caused palpitation but really effective in keeping me awake.
High Quality Taste!
A very convenient way to satisfy your iced coffee cravings. The flavour really exhibits high quality coffee and ingredients. Very fun and exciting! I really recommend this product.
I tried this once and to be honest, I am not a coffee lover but I like the taste of this one. Hence, It didn't change the fact that I am still not a coffee lover (lol) Try it if you love coffee very much!
Cheap at pwede pangtapat sa mga well known coffee shops. Hot or cold masarap ang Kopiko.
My cup—type of coffee
Who doesn’t love Kopiko? Hot and cold you can enjoy different flavoured of Kopiko, esp. Kopiko Iced 78C, my type of coffee. Strong, innovative and a booster.
My favorite iced coffee ever. Just the right taste.
Partner in studying
Whenever I have upcoming exams and quizzes, I have kopiko 78 by my side to keep me awake during the night for studying. I also love coffee and sometimes I put ice on it to create my own iced coffee, which hypes me keeps me awake.
Perfect drink for a nocturnal person like me. 💯💯💯
For Caffeine Lover
Great choice for people who need to stay awake for a long period of time. I personally find it a bit bitter, but some people love it. Also, the price is reasonable, affordable yet does not compromise the bottle content. I suggest to put it inside the fridge to lessen the bitterness and I personally think it's better when it's ice cold.

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