4.7 5 0 232 232 Coffee drinks made from selected coffee beans are extracted at 78C for the most optimal aroma, body and taste. Enriched with steam milk, Kopiko 78C has a delicious and rich flavour to energize you to your best.
Kopiko Iced 78C Coffee
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Reasonable price.
masarap considering it's price. recommend drinking it super cold para mas maenjoy ung burst ng flavors. Nakakagising! strong eh. wish na mas maimprove ung packaging para mas catchy.
Highly recommended for others ♥️ lalo na sa mga gustong mga iced coffee pero walang time. etoo na ready to drinkk na mga beshie♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Wakes You Up
A cool cold coffee drink that is wonderful and refreshing. On hours that you feel sleepy when you need to work on tasks, this drink helps you to feel not sleepy on hours when you need to work on finishing tasks.
My energizer(no tester recieved,just a review)
Im a call center agent before and this is my favorite coffee drink.Aside from giving me so much energy for the entire shift what i love is the taste of a real coffee bean.Lalo na pag sobrang lamig naku..I highly reccomend this product to all call center agent lalo na sa mga gy shift.
Good tasting and reasonably priced
I have been drinking this coffee for quite sometime now. This is my reasonable alternative from that expensive coffee. It does the trick and hindi nagkakalayo ang lasa. Masarap na coffee at an affordable price.
Energy booster
This coffee tastes soooo good! Coffee lovers would appreciate this as it has a very strong and rich flavor. Aside from that, it also helps you become energized and awake even if you didn't get your full rest/sleep.
For coffee lover
Would recommend this to coffee lovers ... the taste and aroma is so good
Strong coffee!
This is my go-to drink when I was in college if I need to study all night. It’s really effective in keeping you awake!
Great Drink
Cold drink with a very good taste, makes you active and not sleepy especially when you are on night or graveyard shifts.
Need to stay awake? Try this!
As a former call center agent, we need to stay up all night to do our duty, and having a bottle of this coffee helps us stay awake and active. This is a very strong coffee so drink it moderately to avoid palpitations.
coffee on the go
when i tasted KOPIKO 78 it makes me crave for more it satisfy my taste for coffee and i can have it anywhere everywhere
Stay Alert with Kopiko
I always buy this product before our office sent all of us to work from home set up because of COVID 19. It's perfect to take away your drowsy feeling especially when you get exhausted. It helps you boost and re gain your energy after the long working hours. Plus the combination of milk and coffee resulted to a perfect blend that suits my taste.
Exam Buddy
During my review for BLEPP, this is always my go-to coffee. I feel awake every time I drink this and it is so convenient. I would appreciate if they will make a bigger version for this so won't be "bitin" haha
if you are looking for a strong coffee that will make you awake for your studying or work, try this one. when i tried this coffee im wake for almost 12 hrs. and my energy is 1000000000% hahaha. this is like a energy drink also! try it to believe it
If you are bangag and can't function well for work or studies you should drink this to get you hyped up real quick! 😁

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