Magnolia All Purpose Flour

5 5 0 47 47 Magnolia All Purpose Flour is milled from the best grade of premium wheat, it is perfect for your baking and cooking needs. It's fortified with Vitamins A and Iron too.
Magnolia All Purpose Flour


Well-thought of packaging
We used to make our own bread at home and we've tried all the APF brands out there. In all honesty, quality-wise, there aren't much difference among the brands available in the Philippines. But what makes the Magnolia brand better is the packaging. On its own, it can stand. It is resealable so no need to transfer on a container. Opening is also big enough to fit your hand (with a spoon) when you want to reach the flour stuck in the nooks and corners of the packaging.
Best Quality All Purpose Flour!!!
This is the best All Purpose I've ever tried. Whenever I make something that needs APF, this is the best choice for me!
This is our favorite flour. We always buy those repacked flour before but the store near us sold all her repackeds so we had no choice but to buy Magnolia all purpose flour. but as soon as we tried it we didn't switch to anything else. we always been using this up until now.
Worth the price!
I always buy this brand for my daughter since she loves to eat my homemade pancake almost everyday. What I love about this product is the resealable packaging. Thru this, I can ensure that the flour I'm using is free from dust, dirt and insects without having to use any other container. Saves me time and money.
Top APF in my list
We have tried using several brands of flour. You will not be able to see their difference unless you use it in different ways of cooking. What I loved about this product: 1st, the packaging, it is resealable and easy to store after opening. Most of the other AFP are in a box, which are difficult to store after opening; 2nd, the quality is worth of the price.
This APF is always on my list. You can make a lot of recipes. I am very much satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely buy again and again!
Very Good
I used this product once and the product is very good, pastries are perfect with use of this product but it is just a lil bit expensive if you want to use it for business.
Magnolia All Purpose Flour
Sobra ganda gamitin sa paggawa ng cheesy puto special recipe ng aking misis.Patok na patok sa customers kaya binabalik balikan ang kanyang Cheesy Puto Special...Best seller paninda pti sa kutsinta ito rin da best gamitin brand ng all purpose flour
One of the best flour brand
We always bought this. My husband’s loves to cook/bake. He always chooses this brand when he is making our merienda. The packaging is nice. Easy to store. The price is affordable.
Magnolia apf
Eto yung apf na lagi kong binibili kapag nagbabake ako ng cookies
Excellent Baking Product
For me this one is one of the essential product when Im up to a delicious native delicacy like puto and bibingka. I also used this for my home made chicken gravy
Good for everyone..
Useful for my son ..he always baked for us.. Everytime I go to grocery he always to remember me to buy that product..
Quality Flour
I’m an aspiring baker and a mom. I always look for a quality ingredients to make meals and treats for my family but doesn’t break the bank. And this Magnolia All Purpose Flour is one of my go to ingredients on my kitchen! It’s fine and has premium quality. Mommy approved 👍🏻
My go-to flour
I love using this at home for my cooking. I use it for baking and cooking. It's easy to find in the grocery and the packaging also has a ziplock that locks for freshness. I wish there was a bigger bag for it.
All purpose flour
It is really convinient to me.. good in making puto and other pastry

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