Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento

4.9 5 0 997 997 Simply squeeze this delicious pimiento cheese across any meal. Made from high-quality ingredients for a great tasting cheese that will leave you wanting more.
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento


Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento
I love the pimiento! Plus the packaging is really great. Its perfect too when you travel, no leak..and my daughter love it and the whole family ❤️ Will definitely recommend this.
So delicious!
I love sharing it with my family during snack time. Especially that I'm working at night, when suddenly I feel starving I can easily grab a bread with this pimiento taste and you just sqeeze it and there you have it!
Snacks Companion
I love it taste not to salty . The Pimiento it self nourished its flavor! I use it for my nachos , hotdogs and Crackers dip. I also like its packaging I can bring it anywhere.
Dip for all
Dip for all! Shanghai, cheese stick, french fries, potato chips. Toppings for spaghetti, baked mac, palaman sa tinapay. Name it! :)
Perfect for Mix and Match
I love mixing sauces and spreads, like jams and butter. I tried this one with mustard and it taste so perfect. I just taste like I was eating a footlong at 7/11 or burgers at fast food restaurant.
My children's favorite because it's super delicious to stuff it with. bread once again they applaud so I always buy it perfect on the budget of mothers like me
Paborito nmin ang magnolia pimiento na ipalaman dhil hindi ito maalat gaya sa iba at cheamy
Cheezee squeeze pimiento
My sister and i really like cheesy food, so cheezee squeeze is really perfect for us. With this new variety of pimiento, it gives different vibes for cheese. A must try for cheese lovers
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento
Our family loves this! Our go to quick snack, just squeeze and your snack is ready. Very convenient packaging too.
Fave Palaman
Kids love it. I love it lol. Very hygienic because of the reusable cap. Taste is perfect. Literally can put it in your bag. Number 1 palaman for me. Alway included in grocery list. Thanks !
Cheeeeesssyyyy Goodness!
Palaman ko to sa pandesal sa umaga. Sa hapon, pinapalaman ko naman sa loaf bread or biskwit. Sa gabi, dip namin to sa chips pag movie time. Sobrang cheesy, di masyadong maalat. Sarap!
Worth it to Buy
Grabeee napaka sulit bilhin nitong product na tooo Aside sa handy siya, pwede mo syang dalhin anywhere and anytime, hinding hindi ka rin titipirin sa lasa nitong spread na tooo Super love this!!😍😍
Easy Peasy Cheesy Squeezy
Magnolia Cheezee Squeezee Pimiento flavor is one of my favorite cheese spreads. It goes well in everything such as breads, dips, sauce, etc. You can really taste the pimiento in it! Masarap!
Masarap 😊
Masarap sya. Nakaka adik 😊 fan talaga ko ng cheese.
This is the spread that I really want so much! This spread is really tasty and so good when paired with toasted bread. I would love to recommend this spread to other people! I love it!

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