4.9 5 0 916 916 Simply squeeze this delicious pimiento cheese across any meal. Made from high-quality ingredients for a great tasting cheese that will leave you wanting more.
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento
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Ay eto bet na bet ng panganay ko kasi sobra sarap d lang sa hotdog nya pinapalaman pati sa tinapay hehe satisfies sya sa laza pangbagets na bagets and affordable naman sya so happy :)
Super delicious and super cheesy. My daughters always want this as our spread everyday for breakfast and merienda
Cheezee pimiento 😋 👌
My family loves to eat food with cheese. But this cheese with pimiento flavor is really good for spread, nachos, french fries and spaghetti and we really love it! 😊
Masarap, palaman sa tinapay, at pang dressing, try ninyo sa french fries, chessy masarap.
Perfect Cheese for the family
Our family love cheese and we prefer this brand. We love its taste. Plus I like the packaging since even its a sachet it has a resealable cap. Iwas tapon if ever na matuba or madaganan.
My cheese
I love this cheeze The taste and texture and everything Thanks a lot.. Teacher Amy
Masarap sa Pandesal
Yeah you heard it right! masarap sa tinapay lalo na sa pandesal, plus factor pa na pimiento na lalong nagpapasarap sa cheese spread, affordable din ang presyo di katula ng ibang brand..
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze
This is one of my favorite spreads and always on my grocery list.
cheezee squeeze
This one is good! this one is not only for breads/ sandwiches. I also use this in our nachos :) love the taste of cheese with pimiento. Must try and must have on your grocery list. ! Surely Kids will love it
My children love this spread because of it's real cheesy flavor.
Love the packaging
I'm not a big fan of spread but if do, I like this because of it's packaging. Very hygienic and convenient. Perfect for on the go ba-on.
Stay the same
I bought this because I dont want to eat pandesal plain. But when you are the only one eating you cannot consume it right away. So I put it on refrigerator and I forgot that I have a cheeze squeeze on the Ref! When I remembered it, I took it out. The cheeze squeeze is frozen and cannot be spread on the bread anymore. I waited for a while then after an hour. The cheeze squueze get back to its form and I enjoyed it again on spreading on my food.
Say cheeze
Yummy and tasty msarap palaman best for merienda and breakfast.And npaka handy easy squeeze..
Super tasty and affordable for my kids everyday breakfast meal..
This is One of my Favorites. I love Cheese so much thats why I always Buy this

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