5 5 0 4 4 Med Guard has a gentle and effective formulation With refreshing fragrance It will protect your hands against germs and strong odours used by the whole family.
Med Guard Anti Bacterial Hand Soap
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Med Guard is a new name for me but got me interested when I bought this because of the “moisturizing” effect that is written in the bottle. Surely after using this, my hands feels moisturized. Also the fragrance of this soap is not harsh or strong.
Very nice to use and love the smell , i used to buy this at watsons . ill surelybbuy again after the ecq.
Med Guard Hand Soap Review
My father always use this product, we usually bought it at sale. hehe nice promo. the best it keeps our family safe from germs most especially my father who is doing peritoneal dialysis, we really need it, and it have been a big help.
Med Guard Hand Soap
I like the smell. It smells like a light soap and I like that since my nose is pretty sensitive. I bought 2 bottles. It has nice texture and the fragrance in your hands lasts long enough. Aftee using, my jands aren't dry unlike one hand soap I've tried before. Definitely worth a try everyone!
I've heard about the brand name from my previous work which is medical supplies. i asked my boss if thats a good brand and she reply that it is a good product which our customers like and always recommend. but i haven't really try that brand but if you could lend me ill give you my better or honest review
I havent tried this yet. So i wanted to try this. I think this could be of great help in sanitizing since ncov is real. Can i have a try for sending me samples
I want to try this product specially this season.not only because of corona virus. I think this product is helpful in our everyday lives. To make us protecte in any harmful virus in our environment.
i havent tried this product yet but would love to try it
Personally I haven't tried this product yet or known this before. I think this would come in handy on every household specially now that we're enduring an outbreak of a deadly coronavirus. Prevention is better than cure and maintaining cleanliness is one step closer on having reliable body immune system.
I hope i can try this product. I dont know this product exist. Hope i can try it so i can determine if its really effective and good for everyday use.
I never tried it. But when I saw it here. I wanted to try it. Because of corona virus that continually spreading around the world right now. I wanted to keep myself and my family also, safe and clean as always from any bacteria and viruses.
sana maitry ko tong products na to makakatulong to samin para ma prevent namin ng baby ko ng kalinisan
never tried this. .1st time ko 2 nakita..kahit sa advertisement ala aq npapansin..wish im the lucky one to try this. thnx in advance.
I havent try this pa.. I hope this is good to hands ,it will smooth your hands and no harsh smell.. I love to try this product to know more ..
I haven't try it pa po. Sana matry ko at need ko kasi i have baby. So sana matry po ng family nmin.

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