Mentos Royal Roll

4.9 5 0 14 14 The one-of-a-kind Mentos chewy candy meets the unique, bold & fruity taste of a Royal Tru-Orange drink.
Mentos Royal Roll


My ROYAL highness
This candy is good. It doesn't taste kike a whole lot royal drink, but it has it touch of it. It's delightful to eat. You won't probably notice that you've been eating the whole packet within an hour.
Mentors royal
Berry flavor full mint candy it have a taste of natural royal flavor
Your Royal on the Go
This really taste like royal. As if you have it on a candy. Its really good and must try
Taste like Royal!
Literally tastes like Royal. Had some on my car. Good munch for long drives. Also, grab one after meal when no desserts are available. This has a good blend of tanginess and sweetness
Real Royal Taste
My 7-yo daughter loves royal soda so we tried this when we had a grocery run. It's surprisingly tastes like RTO soda!
love the blast of orangre taste of royal and with the cool taste of mind i love it
My sibs loves mentos
Every time we go to grocery stores, my siblings are used to buy this because they really love mentos, they love the fruity taste
My travel buddy!
Mentos Royal Roll is my all-time favorite candy. I always keep it with me during commutes or trips.
It is sweet and really chewy. So if you want to take it in your travel to somehow alleviate your dizziness in trip you can try this
Mentos Royal
It tastes so good! Lasang royal talaga and very refreshing sa bibig
I saw this at the grocery store, and I gasped! My favorite candy and soft drinks go together! I was like, I definitely have to try this, and it didn't disappoint me. I'm hoping to have my other soft drink favorites as flavors.
Royal candy
Gusto ito ng mga anak ko. Chewy candy di gaanong matamis at masasabi kong masarap.lagi ko sinasama sa grocery list ko.sakto lang sa presyo lasang royal talaga.nakakafresh ng bibig
Way better than other variants!
This is actually way better sa other variants ng mentos. One og my favorites, as in nauubos ko ito ng isang upuan lang. Di nakakasuya and felt like drinking royal at the same time.
One of a kind
Wow another one of a kind variation from mentos! A bold and tangy flavor in a chewy kind of your favourite refreshing drink.. You can't ask for more... Tell all your friends about this..

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