Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice

4.8 5 0 825 825 Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice is a naturally-refreshing fruit drink with real fruit juice and real orange pulp which offers deliciously fun and unique sensory experience in the mouth.
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice


It is one of my fave thirst quencher
I love the pulp i feel that im drinking one freshly squeeze orange juice and im not contented in one bottle
made with real orange
it really did taste like real oranges, and somehow, more 'real' than the Tropicana.
Sweet Natural Non-Acidic
What i love the most about this Minute Maid Pulpy Orange juice is it taste-like natural orange juice, the sweetness, citrusy and zesty aroma are well-balanced. This is the juice you'll wanted to grab as a refreshment after a long and tiring day. The pulp is just a plus plus! Thankyou Home Tester Club for picking me to try this product.
Pulpy, Sweet-bitter, Fresh squeeze
You can feel the pulps when you drink.There's a light peel zest taste its not that bitter. The sweetness is average.
budgetfriendly juice
A very budget-friendly juice that has an excellent taste. A must for moms with picky children. Tastes natural!
Taste so orangey Not too sweet Pulpy
Taste just like the freshly squeezef orange especially with the presence of pulp you can defintely feel like it certainly is the juice from the orange fruit. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Great taste good
Masarap po sya di sya katulad Ng ibang juice..malalasahan mo talaga Yung orange..
Pulpy, real orange, not too sweet
Minute maid pulpy orange juice tastes like a real orange. Its not too sweet. You can feel on your tongue the pulpy orange which make it a real orange juice. Either adult or kids will surely enjoy the taste of this orange juice.
it has real orange pulp,real fruit drink
Real fruit drink and it has real orange pulp that I loved it..
Refreshing Pulpy Delicious
Napakasarp ng juice na to even before bumibili ako nito bukod sa pulpy at refreshing tlga nmn mapapa ulit ulit kng bumili!
A bit bitter on the sidr
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange has the same taste on what I have tasted before, it's quite good but a bitter on the side.
The sweetness is right.
The texture is pulpy. You will feel the real orange.
it has an after taste of bitter
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange its quite good on taste, what I dont like much it has a bit bitter after you've tasted it.
Minute maid
This is pretty recommendable for health buffs. The taste is perfect, your tongue can really feel the pulp of the orange, it's cool and refreshing.
Tastes good
It really taste like real orange. Super yummy!

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