Mug Rootbeer

4.9 5 0 25 25 Mug Rootbeer with the rich foam, the unique aroma and the feeling of ice-cold refreshment, making it the perfect complement to a dessert or a meal.
Mug Rootbeer


Perfect Rootbeer!
I grew up having a very fond tastebuds for rootbeer and this one has been one of my favorites. The taste is perfect and not overly sweet. It even tastes better when served ice cold!
Good tasting
It's the best tasting root beer thus I always buy it for my beverage or soft drink to have during meals. Price is reasonable. I suggest to have more ads in social media or TV. I always recommend it to my relatives and friends.
My OG root beer
I have tried many other root beer brands and still come back to Mug. It is best enjoyed with ice.
I like the taste of the root beer Ever since i drink this product after meal and it's so refreshing Just drink it cold and don't put ice just drink it in natural cold so that you can taste the real flavor
Delicious softdrinks
So good with the taste of this soda and we are always buying this
Ok for refreshment
This is better than soft drinks. Although the taste had changed over the years. It is not as satisfying as it was more than 5 years ago.
Mug rootbeer
Never gets old... still masarap pa din sya, hindi nagbabago kahit may shortage issue sa sugar... kudos to this beverage
Root beer craving satisfied
I tried different rootbeer products and I can say MUG gives me the best taste available in the local market; simply delicious and satisfying taste of rootbeer; our family loves it
Part of family's every celebration
Hindi mawawala sa mesa sa tuwing may okasyon. It's part of our family's every celebration. My family loves MUG rootbeer!
My kind of Beer - Mug Rootbeer
My boyfriend loves rootbeer so much that whenever we do grocery, he would always add Mug rootbeer in our basket. Its mostly included when we do dayoff chill or mukbang. Its part of our routine when we do movie marathon, its a must have along with chips, pizza or chicken. The aroma and the not so sweet taste made it stand out among other softdrinks. Making great memories with Mug.
The Fave Beer Out There
This drink is truly amazing it gives me energy and its a definite pairing with all tyoes of meal times! ICE COLD GRAB A GLASS AND CHUGGG
My favorite root beer
I make sure to buy MUG Root Beer every payday as a reward to myself for working so hard. I always partner this to pancit or palabor. It helps me have a good burp after eating oily food. Super fave !
I really love this drink, this is part of my childhood and is always be my fave. Its very affordable and most of the time available in any supermarkets. What I like about this drink is it so satisfying. I love the sweetness and the acid that will make you burp after you drink a glass or two. It is so satisfying I swear!
Softdrinks of choice
While some may prefer coke or sprite, we love MUG rootbeer even when we go out to eat in fastfood restaurants. The taste is really of quality compared to other rootbeer brands.
The Taste of O' Sweet Victory
This root beer drink is THE best widely-available rootbeer drink in the market. The other root beer drinks like Zesto's don't compare to the superior flavor and aroma of Mug's Root Beer.

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