NESCAFE Cafe Creations Double Latte Coffee Mix

4.9 5 0 37 37 You can enjoy café-style coffee at home with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ CREATIONS DOUBLE LATTE – creamy high-quality coffee with double the NESTLE Milk
NESCAFE Cafe Creations Double Latte Coffee Mix


A must try
I’m a coffee addict since I am a medstudent and have to stay all night to study. Coffee is my buddy and I tried different brands but I chose to stick in this flavor. It feels like I am drinking a starbucks.
Nice Flavor
I am drinking this on my rest days to feel relaxed. Sweet taste. Perfect for days when you just want to relax and unwind. Always have this in our pantry. Definitely a favorite.
BEEN DRINKING THIS COFFEE FOR MORE THAN A YEAR NOW. ONE OF MY FAVORITES. 1. PACKAGING- VERY AESTHETIC 2. TASTE - NO NEED TO PURCHASE AT COFFEE SHOP 3. AROMA- Aromatic and flavor notes that are complex and relatively intense are better than those that are simple or faded.
Favorite coffee
This coffee is our favorite ever since we tried it! It taste like a coffee we bought from a coffee shop.
Favorite instant coffee
This is one of my favorite coffee. The first time ive tried this coffee I've fall inlove with the creaminess of this flavor. There are many more coffee out there but this one stands high.. will go ahead and buy many more..
this is one of my favorite in nescafe product aside from nescafe gold..
Masarap Ito Pag May Ice Parang Bumili Ka Na Din Nang Kape Sa Starbucks , Super Recommended Ito Para Sa Mga Ice Coffe Lover ❤
Love it
My family loves this coffee so much! Super sarap.
New favorite
For coffee lovers like me na walang coffee maker sa bahay at nagtitipid bumili ng iced coffee sa labas, ito tinitimpla ko for my iced coffee, hindi nalalayo lasa sa mga nabibili sa coffee shops.
coffee latte
gustong gusto ko ang lasa nito...meron ding foamy effect kaya para na ding nasa mamahalin na coffee shop.
Love it
I love the taste of this product. Highly recommended for those who love coffee.. it is one of my best choice coffee
ilove nescafe
my nescafe is my favorite coffee,😍😍😍sana matikman ko yung ibang flavor
Nescafe double latte
One of my favorite coffee nescafe double latte super love it dahil masarap hot or cold.must try!
My coffee
This the creamiest i tried coffee ever,bibilipa ako nito ulit
Nescafe latte
Nescafe coffee is one of favorites.Double latte is so creamy and delicious.

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