Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal Bar

4.9 5 0 28 28 Enjoy the goodness of the irresistible crunchy Fitness made with whole grain. It is made with wholegrain goodness which is a great source of Fiber. Also, a great source of Calcium, which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth
Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal Bar


Yummy and Guilt-free
Since I've been a little health conscious lately, I've been eating these types of food and they're so yummy and guilt-free. Since they're rich in fiber, I don't easily get hungry. Love to eat this at breakfast.
Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal Bar
I recently tried the Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal Bar and I must say, I was impressed. The bar has a rich chocolate flavor that satisfied my sweet tooth without being too overwhelming. The texture was also great - a crispy cereal exterior with a chewy, chocolatey center. What I appreciate most about this bar is that it's a convenient and healthy snack option. It's low in calories and high in fiber, making it a guilt-free indulgence. I would definitely recommend giving this cereal bar a try if you're looking for a tasty and healthy snack on-the-go!
Taste good!
Tried it twice when we have to travel and we have to leave early in the morning, an instant healthy breakfast on the go, I enjoyed the goodness of the irresistible crunchiness that I hope I could consume more but one bar should be enough lol
good snack
i like that it is a good snack. i hope they have bigger bars. but i also find this super sweet.
Enjoy the chocolate goodness without feeling guilty, with this Fitness bar!
Super favorite namin ito ng kapatid ko. Hindi nawawala ito lalo na pag nag go grocery kami!! lalo't chocolate lover din kami :)
Chocolate is love
I love to eat chocolates so when I tried this I didn't expect that the mixture would be a very good combination. One bar could last me about 6 hours without eating anything so for me I really loved this.
Loaded supplements in a pack.
I eat this whenever i am doing physical excercise. This is good for replenishing lost nutrients from your body. The best trail food for hikes and long bicycle rides. It tastes really good too.
I have this at work, i'm on diet and every time i crave for food ill eat it. love it , i still have energy until after office and after my night run.
Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal Bar
This cereal bar helped me stay on track with my strict diet because it can also be a better alternative to eating. This cereal bar will make you think that even if you are eating a chocolate bar, at least you are eating it in a healthier way.
The Best✌
masarap sya napapabili talaga ako pag pumupunta ako ng 7eleven..
Yes to this chocolate
the product is so good the chocolate so tasty I'll buy it again
energy booster
since its a chocolate product it boost energy and an on the food.
Nutritious snack
A bang for the buck if you are one who looks at calorie count for that body you are trying to achieve. Great to go food during school break. And full pack with bitamins and minerals. Great product. Can't wait to try it out again
Energy booster
Good snack when wala ka na time kumain you can munch on it, yummy and gives nutrients your body needs.

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