Nissin Cup Noodles Mini Creamy Seafood

4.9 5 0 500 500 Nissin Cup Noodles is your ultimate partner anytime and anywhere you go. With this new flavor, Creamy Seafood, it allows you to enjoy a delicious and rich seafood flavor, topped with meat and vegetable bits. Quick, convenient and be ready in just 3 minutes!
Nissin Cup Noodles Mini Creamy Seafood


Convenient and Tasty Food on the go
I love Nissin Cup Noodles for being convenient and I can even bring this anywhere. I only need to add hot water and wait for a while and my hunger can be resolved. I love this version of Creamy seafood. It makes you want to eat more serving and crave for more again later. Just by doing this review makes me hungry for a cup of creamy seafood goodness.
1 of my favorite nissin cup noodles flavor. It is tasty.
My go-to cup!
It's the only flavor I can eat all over again. This always has a place on my office locker.
Must buy this product
This is awesome cup noodles very strong sea food taste, Noodle texture as usual very good, and have a creamy goodness flavor, I loved it so much.
My go-to seafood fix
I love this seafood instant ramen. I love that I can sense its seafood flavor, clam shell in particular. It's just so right for my tastebud and have it specially on a rainy weather. Its creaminess balances its savory taste. I love this seafood ramen! Its go cup version is a essential to my seafood cravings.
delicious taste
I like the combination of seafood and creamy taste.
Mahilig ako sa seafoods..thank gOd at may creamy seafood cup noodles..paborito ko itong bilhin lalo na pag pang gabi ako..nkakawala ng antok.. Msarap na, yummy at creamy pa... Nirerecomend kO tlaga ito sa mga kakila2 ko, kasi sobrang nasarapan ako dito.. Sarap humihop ng sabaw...yummmyyyy😋😋😋
creamy seafood
This is one of the most delicious convenient meals. I love its creamy seafood taste that satisfies your ramen craving. just be careful not to put too much water because it will taste bland and not enjoyable.
This is one of my favorite comfort and life-saving food. I usually do study in long period of hours. I am glad I am able to prepare food instantly with such great taste! I love the creamy taste of this cup noodles unlike any other cup noodles I've tried.
Creamy Noodles Seafood
Super love this. Love the richness and creaminess of the flavor. 10/10!
I Seafood, I eat food!
This is a current favorite that I usually bring with me to the office and share to my co-workers. It's easy to prepare and tastes great! The creamy soup with the perfect noodles make an awesome combo.
Cup of happiness
This cup of seafood noodles is a better option for for breakfast.. its make tummy happy specially before joining my online class, i really like the soup. The seafoods aroma and taste is suited to the cold weather,,,
Nissin creamy seafood noodles
Sobrang sarap specially the hot variant. timing sa malamig na panahon. very rich ung seafood flavor and plus factor ung may veggie bits
Very savory and will not disappoint you!
This product is my holy grail especially during this pandemic. I'm a college student that had been stuck at home due to the quarantine. This cup noodles is a game changer whenever I get hungry when i'm studying until midnight. It's savory and sea food taste leaves me craving more so this is a must have product in our pantry! 🍜
Nissin Seafood noodles
Very delicious, real taste of seafood soup in a cup, very economical and easy to prepare, serves as a soup in every meal, a snack and a brunch 😊

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