Nissin Ramen Creamy Seafood Flavor

5 5 0 241 241 Taste the delicious goodness of authentic and rich-tasting Japanese noodles in Seafood flavor topped with meaty and vegetable bits.
Nissin Ramen Creamy Seafood Flavor


Comfort food
This has been one of my comfort food. Ang creamy at ang sarap nya. My son also loves this and we always do make sure we have a stock. Always on my grocery list cause why not?
Ramen ko to!
Grabe eto ang masarap lalu ung spicy flavor nya kc ang bango sa pang amoy at lalu pag nilalagyan ko ng gulay at itlog ang sarap sarap nya!
Taste ot the sea
i love having this as a breakfast. it's also a comfort food on days you don't feel well. you can really taste the seafoods and it's so creamy, i also love the hot cheesy flavor
Creamy and yummy
I love nissin creamy seafood and spicy seafood. I have this at work as this my ultimate savior when I feel hungry and wanted a quick break. Easy to prepare, you only need to add hot water, wait for a few minutes and done! Budget friendly also.
nissin ramen the best!
I recently tried Nissin Ramen's Creamy Seafood Flavor and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. The broth was rich and creamy with a perfect balance of seafood flavor that wasn't too overpowering. The noodles cooked up quickly and had a nice texture. I also appreciated that it came with a separate packet of seasoning oil that added an extra depth of flavor. Overall, I was impressed with the quality and taste of this ramen and would definitely recommend it to any seafood lovers out there!
great hot noodle soup
i like the seafood variant in the cup and i still like it in this pouch. good sub for rainy days.
True claims
Tama ang claims ng seafood noodles na ito dahil talagang creamy . Nakapag japanese noodles na kami habang nasa bahay.
Most favorite instant noodle
Very light and flavorful broth, always on my side when I'm on duty at my office this is my life saver at pressured and busy days
All time fave
Paborito namin ng anak ko to.Sobrang sarap,Medyo dinadamihan ko ng sabaw para hindi sya ganun kaalat.Hindi rin sya ganun kaanghang kaya gustong gusto ng anak ko.Sarap higupin ng sabaw lalo na pag maulan
One of my fave noodles. Super sarap at super creamy. You will really taste the seafood!
nissin rammen creamy seafood is one of the best seafood noodles i ever eat .. i always buy this noodle because it has rich flavor of real crab meat and other sefood and the vegetables are really tasty
Masarap ito!
Masarap ito lalo na kapag umuulan nanunuot yung creaminess tapos may nilagang itlog pa!! Malasang malasa! Medyo mahal nga lang pero masarap at talagang babalik balikan!!!! I would recommend!!
Easy to cook ramen
No need to ask your friend from japan to buy you a ramen..Its right on our grocery stores cheap yet the quality of taste is like eating a japanese ramen in japan..The ramen is so creamy..
Nissin Creamy Seafood Ramen has been one of our favorites. Sometimes for breakfast, additional for lunch mostly when our viand is fried and want some twist like soup, dinner and midnight snack partnered with bread. A must have when you have nothing left inside your ref or no available canned goods. It is actually not an additional choice to buy but a must. By the way, this ramen is delicious, so creamy and with real flavor of seafood. Taste the yummy authentic rich taste of Japanese noodles in creamy seafood. So yummy and tasteful.
Nissin Ramen
Nissin Ramen has been my favorite noodles since then. And adding seafood and giving it a creamier one makes me love it even more. It's my new choice of flavor every ramen time.

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