Nongshim Red Super Spicy Noodles

5 5 0 51 51 Shin Ramen Red Super Spicy is twice as spicy as original "Shin Ramen" and has a richer flavor. The flavor and deepness of the ingredients such as original spices and vegetables are in harmony with the exciting spiciness, making it an addictive spicy taste.
Nongshim Red Super Spicy Noodles


5 star!!
Sarap nito!! Solid yung anghang, lalo na't isa sa comfort food ko ang spicy foods!! tamang tama yung anghang niya!! 5 star tooo!!!
As someone who loves spicy foods this is surely one of my most binabalik-balikan noodles. Although it is quiet expensive than the other noodles or regular noodles that we have in market but its taste and its quality can surely compete in food stalls or even resto.
My favorite
Isa sa paborito Kong noodles actually #1 dahil npakasarap kahut maanghanh mapapadami ka ng kain hahahahaha eto Lage tawid gutom ko dhil kpag natutikman ko to kumpleto Lage kain ko 😍🥰🥰
Anghang Sarap
May ibang maaanghang na noodles na hindi naman masarap at maanghang lang talaga. Pero itong Nongshim, maanghang na masarap pa! Perfect for stress reliever or kapag nanonood ng kdrama!
Masarap at tama lang ang anghang masarap lalo na at may itlog
Best Kdrama Buddy
Next best thing to Kdrama and BTS lol! I love spicy food and Korean food so I enjoy this one. Highly recommended if you crave Korean food, perfect with Kimchi.
Grabe i love spicy!! so i love this so much. I like eating this with kimchi and ofc kdrama! The best din siya with egg. Must try lalo na sa spicy lovers jan.
My son os a fan of this product. Cant go home from the grocery without this in our cart.
Favorite Spicy food
One of our best bonding with my family was when we ate this super stong noodles and we cant get forget how it taste like its like your tongue is burning with this super delicious noodles
Spicy Home
I have always been a fan of all the Nongshim products and this is probably one of the best in their ramyun lines. It's the usual spicy noodles with an extra kick. I highly recommend it for those who live for spicy food and don't wanna spend too much time standing over the stove.
Spicy na Yummy
Sarap nito! Yummy yung pagka spicy nya, spicy lover talaga ako lalo na noodles, and i recommend this sa lahat ng mahilig sa maanghang. Worth every cents nyo dito! 100% po, masarap!
Best appetizer
I really love spicy food thats why when I see this product I never hesitate to taste it.. And absolutely my tummy was 100% satisfied.. Thetaste
Super yummy! I love how it taste. You guys should try!
spicy goodie
It could make you look so red because of how it taste, but the same time, it has a very good taste that you really want to eat more. I love it. My favorite now! Get a taste now buddies!
Super spicy noodles
Super spicy and delicious, was a meal with a fun game experienced eating super spicy noodle contest or game 😊

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