O-Puff Marshmallows Ube

4.9 5 0 51 51 Oishi O-Puff, soft, fluffy marshmallows with rich creamy filling of Ube. Puff-tastic sa sarap!
O-Puff Marshmallows Ube


Sarap nito!
Sarap nito lalo na yung matcha! Soft and tama lang ang dami ng filing nya. Nakakaubos ako nito ng isang pack ng isang upuan lol. More flavors please! And my kod loves this also.
I'm telling you, this product is a delight. It's nice to have it while having a chitchat, as giveaway or prizes. One whole pack won't last even an hour for money. Would love to eat it during a chubby bunny game.
Really good!
Trying this was a great surprise! I didn't expect much at first but boy does it prove you wrong! I finished the whole packet in one sitting! Tried the other flavors of O-Puff too but this ones the best one by far.
O-Puff Marshmallows Ube
Favorite snack namin ng kids ko. Di overpower yung sweetness ng marshmallow + lasang lasa yung ube. This is a must try!
This product helps me to relieves my stress when i am doing my homework, and when i am watching a movie this is one of my favorite snack, i can eat 1 pack of this in just a minute, so try this guys you will not regret it
O pufffff
Im so impress when taste o puff ube flavor it so delicious im fan of o puff and i already tried the other flavors like chocolate specially the mango one
O-puff marshmallows
One of my favorite snacks, always lit up my energy while eating this! I love this flavor.
Ang sarap nito. This is my fave snack. Tamang tama ang sweetness and very chewy kaya nakakalibang kumain. Di mo mapapansin mauubos na ang isang plastic
It is my partner's favorite. I tried it and i liked it. So soft and the flavor is so tasty. I highly recommend this product.
o puff
o puff mallows taste very nice and kids even adults love it masarap at di masyadong matamis
Craving for something sweet? It's a must to try this one. Especially if you love ube. Something you can eat while studying or when working through your laptops. A sweet that can help you to brainstorm.
must try snack
I can highly recommend trying this as I'm a huge fan of ube flavor. It's quite addictive. However, the taste of ube is not particularly strong.
Worth your money
This is definitely worth of your every cents, O-puff Marshmallows Ube flavor is actually a game changer because you're not always found something of a mallows that have a enough filling inside and having such a delicious taste, this is totally worth your money
I really love and highly recommend this product! It's a mallows with a filling inside. No katter what flavor you chose, it is still good whether it's ube, chocolate, matcha, every flavors of this product is WAY TOO delicious!! I really can't enough with this.
So good!
Good for snacks or desserts! This new flavor gives off authentic ube flavor. So fluffy in mouth and fun to eat because of its filling. Highly recommended, especially for those who love the ube flavor!!

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