5 5 0 2 2 A trio of sweet and healthy dried guava, purple yam, and banana chips.
Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps Guava Purple Yam Banana
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Guilt-free snack
it's a great snack for everybody! It has a right amount of sweet fruity taste and crunchiness. It satisfies my sweet cravings
Healthy chips
This was awesome! it was a gult free indulgence and was great to share with kids too...
I cant never tried this product...please send me a sample of this product... Thank you
Saya suka buah buahan. Dan buahan kering sangat lazat dimakan bersama overnight oat saya. Satu lagi jenama baru yg akan saya cuba selepas nie. Kelihata awesome dan kesedapannya terbayang di mata
Have not tried this product yet, but i do love purple yams and guavas...definitely this would be a treat!

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