Oreo Red Velvet Cookies Limited Edition

4.6 5 0 99 99 The world-famous sweet cream filled cookie sandwich, Oreo, takes on a classic cake flavour. Red Velvet Cookie is filled with a sweet cream cheese filling sandwiched in between two velvet-coloured cookies. Twist them, lick them, eat them!
Oreo Red Velvet Cookies Limited Edition


Oreo Red Velvet
This limited flavored of Oreo cookie makes me crave for more of this. Its very delicious and besdies red velvet is one of my favs.
Fun to eat
When I first saw this from 7/11, I knew I had to try it. The color of the cookie is bright and the filling is creamy and delightful! I would eat this while studying for my exams.
Ang hirap niang hanapin minsan ndi available ang product sa store/groceries kea swertehin makahanap neto pero promise oaky sya sakto ung sweet nia .. sakin .. parang fav. Kpop grp ko na RED VELVET mwahh
Not that much of a fan of this one
I didn't really like it that much. I think it's overly sweet for me. There wasn't any red velvet feel or taste. The filling could've been made to taste more like cream cheese frosting and a little bit tangy to cut through the sweetness.
Omg this is the best ~unique~ Oreo I've EVER had. I went in with hesitation because of the vague rust color of the cookie, but it was GREAT. Pleasantly surprised that it did not in fact taste like rust.
Super good!
I love oreos and when I saw this I just had to try it. I personally love this with coffee instead of the usual milk. What I noticed but not against is that it easily crumbles when dipped in coffee/milk for too long but no complaints as it is what I prefer. Definitely a favorite of mine from all the oreo flavors.
Itsura palang ng product mukhang masarap na i really like the packaging and also the taste love din ito ng mga anak ko kainin kaya ito po ang lagi kung binibili dahil ito po yung paborito nila.
Velvet love
I love oreo. I love velvet. So this product is superb. ❤
I really love red velvet flavors. It was amazing that kids favorite oreo has this flavor. Loved the taste. Will surely buy again.
Best as toppings
Its good when its crashed and put on top of your shake or smoothie. But eating it plainly might be a little hard for me I guess.
I first tried it with my husband and it became a new household favorite because of the excitement it gives in every bite.
Oreo velvet choco
Oreo velvet cookies gusto sya ng mga kids ko at ako kahit sa kape gusto ko rin sya..di na wawala sa grocery namin yan
Velvet oreo
This Oreo velvet is for me I don't know why pero ang Alam ko Ito nababagay SA panlasa ko heheh
A must try! Best partnered with milk
I super love the flavor since it is new, it gives as well a vibe of being at home with family. I first tried it with my husband and it became a new household favorite because of the excitement it gives in every bite.
Oreo is one of the best cookies i ever had. It really taste so good.

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