4.9 5 0 10 10 Organique Acai Premium Blend is the most concentrated Acai Berry drink found in the market today. Made from the pulp and skin of these wonder berries. Antioxidants from the berries promotes weight loss, fights heart disease, diabetes,cancer and other diseases.
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Great product
It was very delicious nutritional drinks everyone loves.You can boost energy on this...
acai drink
acai berries are known to its anti oxidant effect. it has lots of benefits that will make our body healthy. this drink helps me loose weight gradually. and it tastes good. very good
Healthy Drink
It is a drink that lowers blood sugar which is so good. It is already in our grocery list because of it's health benefits.
The Best Supplement So Far
My family has been using this for years now. My dad has cancer and this juice made wonders for him and even to us. Might be a bit pricey but its definitely worth it.
super food
Organique aćai helps me control break outs of my skin asthma, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. It detoxifies and boost my immune system
Super refreshing after u drink it
Super refreshing after u drink it its perfecr to me because im a lowblood ,grape is good for low blood people. highly recommended try it guys
Buy me
Organic and has good effect to our health. It helps to detoxify and prevent from sickness. It contains a lot of benefits that our body needs.
Acai is not too sweet, not too sour. Just perfect for my taste. Very refreshing and healthy to the body. My daughter loves it too.
I like to try this acai some of my friends this product have many benifits in health
Im not a user of this product but i think this product needs a good review. My mother using this product almost year now and i see a big difference and improvement to her health. Before taking acai berry my mother always suffer severe migraine and fatigued but this all gone after she begun to take this product everyday as a food supplement and i would say this is a big miracle to her health. Thank you so much acai berry!!!!!!

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