5 5 0 9 9 Palmolive Men is an exclusive advanced formula made specifically for men. Its specialized formula made with Charcoal powder effectively cleanses the scalp and comes with an invigorating fragrance to make you feel cool and confident.
Palmolive Men Anti Dandruff + Scalp Cooling Shampoo
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Gamit to ng asawa ko at sobrang nagustuhan nya dahil malambot sa buhok, nakakawala ng dandruff at masarap daw yung cooling effect nya.
Very cool
My husband is a palmolive user sobrang love nya ang fresh daw sa ulo nya thanks palmolive
Gamit to ng asawa ko yang product na yan, nung unang gamit nya yan natuwa sya dahil masarap daw sa buhok at nakakatanggal ng dandruff madame kasi un dandruff ngaun hanap na ng hair yang Palmolive 😍
Sabi ng asawa ko maganda ang product na to fresh sa pakiramdam at malambot sa buhok kaya maganda gamitin ito lagi ang pinabibili nya saakin dhil magamda at presko dw sa anit ito.
Mabango at malambot
maganda sya mabango at malambot sa buhok. Yan ginagamit ng asawa ko at binibili ko sa grocery...
Palmolive men anti dandruff
It's very effective to the hair of my husband..it's proven can take all your dandruff in your hair..so I always buy this Palmolive for men to prevent dandruff..I love this Palmolive so much..
My husband's shampoo
I try to buy this palmolive shampoo for men to my husband. And he says that he love the smell of it , and the smooth of his hair.
Palmolive great
all palmolive products is great :) And budget friendly in all grocery store
Cooling Effects and Anti-Dandruff
Hi, I tried this Palmolive Men Shampoo with Anti-Dandruff and ZPT for almost 6 months and until now, I always put this to my cart when I buy a Important things in the market. I am very happy and satisfield to the results when I am using this product it can helps to prevent dandruff and can gives a cooling effects to my scalp to feel you relaxed even the weather is hot. I recommend this to my Family and friends, and I think they really love this so much. Thank you much! 😇☺️

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