4.6 5 0 30 30 Revitalize and add luster back to your hair with Palmolive Naturals Aroma Vitality Shampoo. The nourishing formula packs with essential oils of Rose Petals and Bamboo extracts will help to keep your hair healthy.
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All Natural
I like Palmolive because it's mild and this is the only shampoo that makes me feel fresh and clean after taking a bath. Some shampoo causes me dandruff. I would recommend this to all Filipina, this is the best shampoo that suites climate here.
I like the price but it gives me dandruff
it's affordable but gives me dandruff. smells good and makes my hair soft.
Best shampoo
I really like this product because it nourishes your hair and it's so soft in the hands whenever you touch it.
I love the smell
This shampoo is very light leaving my hair soft and bouncy.. it has aroma scent that makes me relax. No amoy pawis.. and my hair doesn't frizz when I commute it doesn't have dikit dikit feeling.
Smell good
I used this when my regular shampoo is not available in sari sari store, i love the fragrance and ofcourse i love my hair after i used it, now i used this everyday.
5 stars
We've been using palmolive shampoo for almost 13 yrs now, we love its irresistible fragrance that long lasting and the moisture and softness of our hair
Great shampoo for all
We've been using this product for about 5 years now and I must say that we really love this even my kids. It smells good and will make your hair feeling fresh. It also makes our hair so soft and it gives value for money
Our shampoo
Me and my daughter use that shampoo until now its good in the hair.
the smell is very nice it makes my hair soft and shinny..
I tried palmolive shampoo before it smells good,but it makes my scalp itchy and leaves my hair dry.
for the whole family
good for the whole family.... it fits into different types of hair and the smell last....
im using palmolive shampoo everyday before is better to my hair and its smell so good even I dont take a bath in one its still smells good..
palmolive pink
Palmolive smooth on hair easy to comb my daughter wants it too..
fresh all day
i used it everyday and it makes me fresh all day..the aroma smells longlasting and i can't help it everytime i made my shower..
great for wavy hair :)
I super like this products, i love how it helps me create volume on my hair. i also loved the smell, long lasting :)

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