Pedigree Beef Chunks in Pouch

4.9 5 0 46 46 Pedigree Pouch does not only provide your dogs with Complete and Balanced nutrition, but also gives them a superb taste with meaty chunks for their enjoyment. Ideal meal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from Pugs to Labradors
Pedigree Beef Chunks in Pouch


This is our baby princess' favorite, I mix it with it's dry food including rice and chicken liver and she likes it so much as much as her usual meal, I really recommend this to every fur parents out there. Im sure our fur babies will like this.
made my dog eat their food
i mixed this with the dry dog food. maybe bec of its smell, it helped my dog like the food more.
My dog loves this
Whenever I add this to my dog's meal she finishes it immediately. She's always excited to eat whenever we have this at home. This is really good for improving your furbaby's appetite. I highly recommend it!
Our dog love this, nakaka 2 packs si uling kapag ito ang kinakain nya at saka ang shinny ng hair nya tapos super black nya pa.. kaya ito talaga pinapakain namin dahil hiyang na hiyang sya at enjoy na enjoy sa lasa .. we are so happy 8
pedigree beef chunky
our dogs love it, yung zhitsu namin sa liit nya kaya nya 3 packs sa isang kainan lang, and i notice pag ito kinakain nya nag shine hair nya
chunky meat
my dogs loved this! they can eat the whole pack easily. the meat is chunky and they loved to chew it. it also have adequate amount of protein which my dogs need as they are growing.
Health is wealth
my dogs is very excited in this food they love the taste very much and notice their weight gain to have a healthy body .I really love this for the benefits of the health of my bogs.
My dogs fave
My dogs love this. It's tasty since my dogs always finish their bowl.
for my furbabies
my baby shih tzu super love this. i just wish you make the pack a lot bigger for my furbabies to enjoy
For all dogs
Pedigree is one of the most tried products and the first thing that will came in to your mind when choosing a dog food. This is my puppy’s first solid food and now my adult beagle and dachshund food. So far so good.
My dog's favourite
My dog's is already 10 year's old and still eating this po with other dog foods hindi sya nananawa. And pinaka favourite nya ay yung beef kahit matanda na yung dog namin Ito parin talaga bet nya also magandan sa balahibo nya wala allergic na nakakkalbo sa aso.
My babies love this produxt
My 2 fur babies really love this pedigree wet food. This is one of their favorite. They love it when I mixed it with pedigree dry food. I'm using this product for almost 4 years. I always recommended this to my fur momies. Thank you so much Pedigree.
My baby shi Love It
My Shi Baby is so peaky eater. but when I try this one my baby love it. highly recommended if you having a hard time on feeding your baby doggo. ♥️
my dog's fave
my furbaby loves this! being in the pouch is so good esp when bringing our pet to visit the mall or their grannies!
Our Dogs Wetfood
Pedigree Beef Chunk is our dog's favorite wetfood. And very affordable too. With this pouch packaging we can even bring this anywhere we want, very convenient and truly a great go-food for all doggies out there.

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