Pedigree Beef Chunks in Pouch

4.9 5 0 41 41 Pedigree Pouch does not only provide your dogs with Complete and Balanced nutrition, but also gives them a superb taste with meaty chunks for their enjoyment. Ideal meal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from Pugs to Labradors
Pedigree Beef Chunks in Pouch


Japanese Pitz
My Japanese Pitz is really good for my dog. We always add rice with her food. This is also healthy for her puppies. She just gave birth to her puppies for the first time and even her puppies are healthy.
My Siberian Husky's Favorite
My siberian husky loved this wet dog food so much. Me and my partner decided to give him a try, we mixed it with cooked rice. We are so happy that our dog loved the food so much. He also gain weight since he started eating this.
For my baby shitzu
Super like ng doggie ko.. my shitzu po ako. At like na like nia to..
Perfect dor my dogs
My shih tzuis loves this brand. They can eat alot when they are eating this.
My dogs love it
My dog tried it and they really love it. Will definitely recommend this with other fur parents..
Dog’s Favorite
My dog loves this product so much! I used to mix this with my dog’s dry food.
Good food for my dog
I like this pedigree wet food. It gives nutrients to my dog. And my dog enjoy eating it always
So, I bought this for my puppy who was not eating at all , and she loved it. it took her like , 2 minutes to gulp everything. It was good since we started to worry about our puppy not eating. not to mention that it's not too expensive as well
I think my dog love the taste coz she finish her meal very quick.
My dog loves it!
This dog food is healthier for your fur babies than our food. I always mixed it with dry dog food. Pedigree is a well known brand for producing quality food for your pets.
My khira love this, she's very excited to take this treats

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