4.9 5 0 52 52 Offer your pet a delicious chew stick that assisting you for her oral care. Pedigree Dentastix help for a long-lasting deep clean treat with great tastes, and is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It’s designed perfect for tiny mouth to encourage chewing and helps gently scrape and helps flight bad breath by cleaning down to the gum line, to help prevent plaque build-up.
Pedigree Dentastix Medium Dog Green Tea
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  • 52 Reviews


I have 6 dogs and all of them love Pedigree's dentastix! One pack isn't enough for all of them, so we usually buy 4 packs every time we go to the grocery. We've tried to give them other treats too, but so far this is their favorite. We also give this whenever we try to teach them new tricks and they can't get enough!
My baby Claude and Stormi love this so much. Plus good for dental hygiene ng mga baby ko. Everytime lumabas ako binibili ko sila as pasalubong tuwang tuwa sila. Madalas pa nilang pag awayan. ❤️❤️❤️
pickles favorite
our baby pickles love these treats. after he finished one, he keeps on following me so that he could get another one.
My dog loves it. Whenever i give him this treat just a second its gone. What i like about this product is it helps my dog to remove his tartar and its green tea good for the health.
Tried and tested!
Pedigree Dentastix Green Tea is my dog's favorite treat! Everytime I go to the groceries, I always make sure to pick it up for him. The only brand that I can trust.😊
My baby doggo love this 💕
My baby doggo love this, one time she steal a pack of this candy for dog and in just 1 blink of your eyes and it’s all gone, just a funny moment I want to share with this. 😍
My Fur Babies Love this!
I always buy my fur babies this dentastix. Additional cleansing for their teeth. They love it. After bath, i make this as their treat, they were happy.
Good treat and hygiene tool
My dog loves it and as the pet owner it gives me confidence that my pet can maintain the hygiene it needs.
Good and safe
My dog really loved this dentastix and its safety to their health. He is now more lively with the new and smells fresher. Hoping they come up with new flavors or scent.
All of this is the best
I have 2 dogs and this is the only treat that they really finish chewing. Of all the treats i bought them this osnthe only treat that make their mouth smelling fresh. Inlove kissing them after they eat this. Smells like milk and fresh mouth.
Doggie goods
Easy to find the product kahit sa grocery meron dahil hinde na need pa pumunta sa pet shop. Nakakawala ng bad breath ng mounth nila sana may bigger size. Yes recommended to my friends
Love It
This is the best treats, I give to my puppies. They love it and enjoy eating of it.
My dogs are satisfied
This cleans my dogs teeth after biting it and it helps my dogs to have a strong teeth. I would totally recommend this product. Maybe it should lower its price cause its kinda pricy but the price us would it
Best dental stick
My fur baby love this dental stick. Usually the one pack will last for a week for him but with the pedigree it only last for 3 days. Swearrrr he cries when he wants more.
My dog's favorite!
My dog loves dentastix! He seems to enjoy it everytime I give him one. Great for dog treats!

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