5 5 0 26 26 Offer your pet a delicious chew stick that assisting you for her oral care. Pedigree Dentastix help for a long-lasting deep clean treat with great tastes, and is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It’s designed perfect for tiny mouth to encourage chewing and helps gently scrape and helps flight bad breath by cleaning down to the gum line, to help prevent plaque build-up.
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My Little Soldier had tried this one and he enjoyed it and ask for more. Everytime he had a good job, this is his reward. And I love seeing him happy and one good thing about this product is he had now a fresh breath :)
it was awsome
before my dog has a bad breath but since i gave him this product it help him to lessen the bad breath he has and because of that im happy and it also help him to remove a tartar so thank you 😊
Good doggyz breath
My furbaby always has good breath because of this. 😊
The Best
Tried this product and my dogs really loved it. They can finish 2 denta sticks in a day. What I like the most about this product is that it's affordable and it's locally available. I recommend this guys! Super worth it!
Favorite ng alaga kong beagle na c nucky 😍😍😍😍 Gustong gusto nia to Sarap na sarap po xa 😋😋😋😋
My dogs love this.
My dogs love this. They all go gaga when they see i have this in my bag when I go home from office.
Favorite ito ng aso ko! She really loves it! Nkkatuwa kpg sinabi kong treats ndi na sya mapakali at ndi na mkahintay!!
Food for health and fun!
Even cats wonder why this is a good food for dogs!? Its a good invite for the two to share, Pedigree Dentastix makes every exciting bites perfect. Get yours with its amazing price now!
My Furbabies loved it
My Furbabies loved it!I have 6 dogs at home and i gave this as treats to them, it can really reduce buildup of tartar and keeps teeth clean. Recommended product!
Treat for Doggie
We tried to give our dog treats as a prize if he is good. And he enjoyed this one. Since his food brand is Pedigree too.
Welcome Treat
This is always a welcome treat for good deeds to my toy poodle. Also, a treat for me since I know his dental health and hygiene is well taken care of. Happy dogs live longer lives.
Healthy and yummy
I have 3 dogs- 2 adults and 3 months old pomeranian. What I love about this is that it makes my babies busy and happy. Also the ingredients are safe for them.
I love this product because it cleans my furbabies teeth effectively. My furbabies like it so much that they get excited everytime they see me bringing a bag of Dentastix. I surely would recommend this to my fellow furparents
My dogs love it. Sarap na sarap sila. Will buy it again once naubos na yung dogfood. Nakakalinis yalaga ng ipin nila.
Super like
I was happy to ise it on my furbabies.i dont have hardtime brushing their teeth.its just like a toy to them.

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