Pedigree Dentastix Medium Dog Green Tea

4.9 5 0 106 106 Offer your pet a delicious chew stick that assisting you for her oral care. Pedigree Dentastix help for a long-lasting deep clean treat with great tastes, and is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It’s designed perfect for tiny mouth to encourage chewing and helps gently scrape and helps flight bad breath by cleaning down to the gum line, to help prevent plaque build-up.
Pedigree Dentastix Medium Dog Green Tea


best tooth cleaning for dogs
my dogs loved to chew things at home. with this they chew this and at the same time it cleans their teeth. their mouth also smells fresh after eating this. they have enough time to get busy chewing this stix.
If you do not know, beagles are very energetic dogs and it requires much attention or else you would end up with disastrous home hahaha! To release their energy, I always give them something to chew, dentastix is one of their favorite and our vet says that their teeth and gums is clean and I observed that their breath is not stinky. I give it to thex 2-3x a week. So far, they love matcha.
good snack
I tried this and at first my furbabies did not like it. but after a few bites, they did and would not stop. their breath smelled better after
I buy this as a treat for my dog. I think it is delicious because my dog really love it. This product is always added in my grocery list specially for my dog that awaits for this treat!
Not much of a hit among furries
This is not exactly a favorite among our babies. They prefer the plain/original variant over this. One even refuses to touch it. Maybe it's the smell? This is not a substitute to brushing, and does not seem to address tartar. We give it as a treat rather than as a dental hygiene product.
Dogs like it but doesn't remove tartar
Our 4 large dogs love this so much. It works like mouthwash but still I have to brush their teeth since it does not really remove tartars. Though, still using this up until now.
Dog's favorite treats
We often give this to my dogs as treats, but does not help a lot in removing tartar sa teeth ng dogs ko. My dogs love it and I think safe naman sya for them and their teeth hindi aobrang tigas ng sticks so no worries na masira teeth or mabungi due to excessive chewing.
My dog's treats
Favorite po Ito ng mga alaga ko, binibigay ko kapag may nagawa silang maganda para treats na sa kanila, gustong gusto nila, Hindi din masyado matigas Kaya safe Naman na Hindi sila mabubulunan
I have 4 dogs , 3 of them like it so much especially after bath they will grab and finish it , but the other one doesn't like the smell of it so i think it would be better if there are other or flavors for this one if possible.
Not really good at removing tartar
I would love this product to work but it does not. The stick is too flimsy to actually help scrape off tartar build up. It still is a good buy since my dog loves it so much, but for it's claims? Not really effective. I would buy this product again to spoil my dog.
Removes tartar and freshens breath.
My dog has a bad case of tartar and refuses to have her teeth brushed. I just gave these treats to her for over a month already and noticed a reduction in the amount of build-up. Also, her breath does not smell bad that much anymore.
A very good treat for your dog and at the same time it cleans their teeth!
No more sti ky breath
My baby loves to lick my face evry single day and it's become a challenge specially when she just ate her wet food. I always give her this dentastix to freshen her breath and also as a form of treats. She can't get enough and automatically seats when she sees me getting a piece to give her.
dogs favorite treat
It makes my moon my pets name, happy and it lessen the factor of creating damage for his cute teeth. Its the best treat we got so far and will surely order dentastix again for our dog.
Goods sya sa dog ko.
Since my dog love to eat everything what she sees. I gave this treats to her and she love this treats.

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