POND'S White Beauty Serum Burst Cream

4.7 5 0 282 282 POND'S White Beauty Serum Burst Cream is specifically suitable for all skin types. Fully packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Gluta-Boost that gives intense hydration as well as skin brightening power. See the difference in your skin yourself, and give this a try!
POND'S White Beauty Serum Burst Cream


i like this one because of the lightness it leaves on your skin,,and also it has a great outcome when i use it
Hydrating, Gentle, Fragrant
The formula of Pond's White Beauty Serum is very similar to the one I've been using before. Its has a clear gel like but not watery consistency. Because of this, the serum does not leave any sticky feeling upon application. My skin feels plump and healthy right after usage. No irritation occured and my skin feels smooth. If you are not into fragrant beauty products, this might not be suitable for you. Although I must say, it doesn't have that strong scent. So I really think you should consider trying this product. The packaging is tube like and very handy. Easy to get the product and does not spill. Thank you Pond's for this amazing product! I will definitely purchase more.
Moisturzes not sticky
Moisturizes without that sticky feeling,smells nice., effectiveness not sure though
surprise it truly is!
First time I heard this product I thought it was ridiculous because it’s a cream that turns into a serum but to my surprise it truly is! Has a mild scent which is common to all ponds product but it doesn’t bother me that much. I like the watery consistency of this serum. Its very affordable also. It has a good moisturizing effect. The smell is like their typical moisturizer. I like it that ponds have upgraded their products.
Very effective,makes my face dewy, light
I love how this product works, in just one product you will get 3 ways to use this
Moisturized all day
I didn't know that I only have to try it for 3 days to answer the survey. Sorry for the late review. I've been using Pond's products when I was a teenager then I stopped. I didn't thought that Pond's products will still work for me until now. I really love this Pond's White Beauty Serum Burst Cream. I had an allergy on my neck when I tried to use it. But after the first day, the allergy was gone. I didn't know what type of allergy that was but I had red bumps on my neck. Then, I continue using it until now, every morning and every night. I just love that it's lightweight and it leaves a matte-feeling on your skin after application. It will not make your face oily looking as well. I've been using it for a week already and it already gave my face a very nice glow and it whitened already. By the way, I did buy this already so i'll have stock when this free one is consumed. Thank you very much for letting me experience how great this product is. :)
Unang gamit q ganda na sa face
Unang gamit q PA lang maganda na sa face Super nice
Amazing Highly Recommended Easy to use
I've tried it already. It's good to use it on my face. I thought it's sticky but it's not. i love it when i put it on my face, Maganda syang pang-mousturizer talaga. At saka 1st time ko gumamit ng Serum pero cream. Ang galing lang. hehehe. Kaya pag naubos na yung sample ko, bibili ako ng Pond's White Beauty Serum Burst Cream.
Product you'll LOVE!
I love the smell of the product. It is not too strong unlike other serums which smells like a perfume. The consistency is nice and it is easy to apply, plus it is also lightweight.
Works in a jiff!
Started using POND'S White Beauty Serum Burst Cream Saturday, June 20. Applied it as instructed in the box and surprisingly I felt the difference right after I've fully covered my face. Unlike what I used to apply before, its not sticky on the face. It's like you've applied water on your face and its great! The morning after that I've noticed my skin more supple than before. Dry skin type like me, will feel a moisturized skin as you continue using POND'S White Beauty Serum Burst Cream.
Scent Packaging Texture
I am just sad. Cause it is not suitable for my face :(. But over all, packaging, the scent of the product is great! I would love to try it one more time then let's see if there will be changes. I love Pond's product, I am just not really sure why the serum was not good for my skin.
Effective on my face
Effective Beauty Burst Cream! I highly recommended it!
Lightweight, Quality, Handy.Thanks Ponds
1st, Its really handy, its smells good, its lightweight and hydrates my skin well. Thanks Ponds 💕
Super Effective Cream! ❤
I loved the result super effective! It hydrates my skin throught out the day and brigthen my skin. 😊 Definitely will buy again. 👌
skin-absorbing lightweight gem-for-price
Spreading on face like a gel but felt watery when spread. You can feel the skin fast absorbing it. Feels lightweight and promise, it's non sticky! Tried it on half my face and it looked dewy shiny compare to the bare side. Considering the price and handy packaging, this one's a gem!

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