4.8 5 0 43 43 Now you can have a delicious and nutritious Quaker Instant Oatmeal Banana & Honey flavor to kick start your day! High in energy and dietary fiber, Quaker Instant Oatmeal Banana & Honey flavor is sure to satisfy your taste buds!
QUAKER Instant Oatmeal Banana & Honey Flavor
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I usually buy this in plain flavor but when my cousin bought it and cook, na amaze ako sa amoy, saging na saging at ang bango pa. Not just mabango, masarap rin at talagang lasa niya e saging. No need to add more sugar kasi manamis namis na siya. Simula noon, quaker with flavor na lagi binibili ko.
If you don't want plain oats this one is for you! I prefer this flavour than the other because of its uniqueness of taste and it tastes like banana milk.
Breakfast buddy
My go to breakfast! Easy to prepare but full of nutrients and deliciousness
I love it
It tastes good. You don't need to buy honey for an additional taste of the oatmeal, unlike the original instant oatmeal.
Rich in fiber and potassium
I am really a fan of quaker oats products since I was a child. This is usually my breakfast or dinner since I am on a diet. Banana is good in potassium and quaker best source of fiber. Aside from a healthy ingredients it so affordable and easy to find in groceries. Love this even more because I was able to poop everyday which is really good in our body.
Great for people who don't eat oats
This is what I bought for my aunt when she was sick, never gets tired of eating this and up to now she still loves eating this even when she's well. She's quite picky when eating breakfast and this oatmeal doesn't need any mixing of sugar, flavorings etc. She only puts hot water, sliced bananas and for her it's great!
It's perfect for breakfast specially when I'm on diet! I like how it taste. Worth the money
im on a diet
its good for a person on diet. its yummy and affordable. one of my favorite flavor :)
Healthy and good fiber
Me and my kids always buy Quaker Oats it is healthy breakfast and also helps good digestion, my youngest son is constipated but when he eats this everyday he poops regularly.
I love it.
One of the best oatmeal I'd tried. So yummy even my kids love it. :)
One of the best oatmeal
I love this oatmeal. I even paired it with my herbal life drink before and it taste good.
Delicious and healthy
So yummy & good for our health 😊😊 My two kids also love it 😁
Good for diet
I lost a lot of weight because of this. Ive been eating this for quiet some time now and its really one of my fave breakfast meal
Fiber filled snack
I love eating this cereal in the morning, my kids too. It is effectively healthy and easy to prepare specially on a busy morning.
yummy & healthy
My kids & I super love this oatmeal because of its flavor, banana & honey. It's very healthy plus it is instant so I don't need to cook. I will surely recommend it to my family & friends.

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