SAFEGUARD Bar White Camellia

4.8 5 0 20 20 Germ protection for the whole family. Removes 99.9% of germs*. Removes skin germs that may cause skin infection, pimple infection, and perspiration odor.
SAFEGUARD Bar White Camellia


Affordable? Yes it is.
Well, this is my most buying product every time I go to the grocery store because its affordable and effective to me. I also buy this for my family.
So Refreshing and affordable
So perfect sa dry skin and hypoallergenic soap. Very affordable. Eto ung soap namin ng baby ko. Hindi matapang sa ilong at mabango. Sarap maligo for everyday use talaga. So recommended for all types of skin.
super bango
safeguard mapagkakatiwalaan pagdating sa skin germ protection ngaun sobrang bango pa at in fairness malambot siya sa balat plus may budget size din na nakakabili sa suking tindahan.
Safeguard Bar White Camella
Matagal matunaw ang sabon ba pa rin quality ng Safeguard sa amoy wala namang kakaiba typical safeguard variant soap pa rin okay ang packaging recommendedable sa family sana ibalik nyo ang fruity variant nyo
Safe guard
100% tanggal ang germs napaka bango at napakaganda sa katawan
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As someone who have a sensitive skin, safeguard is the best brand we always use in our house. Aside from affordable, you can buy it anywhere that makes it convenient. Love every variation of this.
Smells really good!
It’s almost like our favorite ordinary safeguard but it’s actually better! It smells really good, yet it moisturizes my skin really well. As a person who has a really sensitive skin especially to soaps with fragrant smell, this one is a game changer!
Family’s Fave Safeguard!!!
From my title, yes, we love this variant! We know Safeguard has a lot and i truly think this is an overall great choice!! We buy this regularly and trust the antibacterial capacity! The scent is just so pleasant!!! I love Camellia do much!!!
Smell and usage
The smell is excellent and it doesn't melt fast. It is a friendly budget which helps save more money. The packaging is good.
It's nice. It is gentle to the skin, the fragance is just right, you will feel refreshed the whole day. I like the texture as it leaves the skin smooter and bouncier. Chemicals used are suitable even to the younger consumers.
Safeguard review
The product was good children love to use it because of its fragrance...
Mild and gentle
I like this soap as it is mild and fragrant. This soap is also cheaper than other brands. The only thing I dislike about this soap is it didn't have much foaming effect , no longer bubbly when it is half used.
A Clean and Floral Experience
I absolutely love Safeguard's White Camellia for its delightful floral scent, which perfectly suits my preference for floral fragrances. Beyond the fragrance, Safeguard excels at combating body odor, making it ideal for sweaty individuals like myself. White Camellia and Ivory are now my top two favorite Safeguard scents.
What i love about this product is whenever i am using this product, i feel protected from the germs and virus. I make sure to include this on my hygiene routine. Definitely a household staple!
Clean and Subtle
This is a great addition to my daily routine! The smell is just right and it really smells good on my skin! Makes my skin smooth and soft as well. I would definitely 100% recommend this product!

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