4.9 5 0 37 37 Clean your hands and prevent bacterial infection with this bar soap. It has a 3x unbeatable germ protection, so you can feel safe everyday.
Safeguard Bath Soap White
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Best buddy for healthy body!
Not drying the skin like some of the other antibacterial soaps. Though we practice a one bar soap per person at home, still is economical for me because it lasts a long time. Neutral scent is great too for those who are very sensitive.
Tried and Tested Over the Years
Safeguard has been the only bath soap that the household has been using. It definitely lives up to its name in eradicating germs. I love that it's currently adapting to less usage of plastics by incorporating carton as packaging. Always recommending this scent because it remains even if you are already sweaty after a long day's work. Kids love its smell too!
very useful
this is the soap that we always use sa bahay lalo na panghugas pag number 2. matagal matunaw at mabango ayun sa kanyang advertisement pumapatay ng 99.9% na germs.. hahaha.. maganda gamitin
Ever since,My grandma always buy this and it really protects us everyday specially my brother and cousins who always play outside.I also like the new released of this brand specially the detox.
Killing me protected !!
Safeguard Bath Soap White really protects our family from germs and illnesses. I'm a satisfied consumer of their products because they are really true to their claims.
best soap ever.. since childhood ito n gamit nmin hanggang ngaun n may mga kids n ako ito p rin gamit nmin.. at mabngo
Loyal consumer here
I’ve been using this product since i was little and im proud to say that i am very satisfied using it intil now!
Best soap ever! Since childhood days up until now this brand of soap never discouraged me. Highly Recommended!
Dries wound faster!
I used this product when my son got a wound on his knees. After using this one for 3 consecutive days, I noticed that the wound dries without putting any ointment. I used this alone and this is really nice. When you have wound I recommend this one for faster healing. Try it to believe it.
Safely guarded!
Product has different variety and sizes to choose from depends on customers preference. It smells good and it's antibacterial which protect us from germs/diseases.Good pricing and I would recommend this.
The best soap
I feel clean after taking a bath and washing my hands with this soap. It has a nice smell which is good for children for it is not strong.
The best soap ever 👍
Ever since my childhood days, I used to clean my hands & body wash with this #1 skin germs protection. I will highly recommend this product to use in everyday living.
The best soap
The best soap ever and I can't live without it. Long lasting yung bango nya at feeling clean ako talaga all day long.
The best germ soap
The best soap we ever tried. It really keeps our skin clean and germ free. Good thing, my children are free from different bacteria causing illnesses unlike before when we stat using this soap.
Best product
Safeguard Bath Soap White really protects our family from germs and illnesses. I'm a satisfied consumer of their products because they are really true to their claims.

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