4.9 5 0 134 134 Clean your hands and prevent bacterial infection with this bar soap. It has a 3x unbeatable germ protection, so you can feel safe everyday.
Safeguard Bath Soap White
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Favorite soap
I always make sure to have this everytime I go to grocery store because it helps me to make sure that all my family is free from germs 🦠. I really love the scent. I will recommend this.
Family protection
Affordable and family trusted soap since birth....🙂
Safeguard Bath Soap
It's so affordable and so soothing on my family's skin.
Our family has been using Safeguard since I was a kid. We feel clean and safe knowing it provides germ protection, especially as a mom. Even if we tried other soaps in the market, we still go back to this brand. It is tried and tested!
Safeguard is in our house since I was a kid and until now that I'm married. Safeguard is a must especially this time of pandemic.
reliable and trusted soap
been using safeguard soap since i was a kid and i can say that whenever i use this i am confident that my hands or body is squeaky clean!
Every day im using this product. effective removing dirts on my body. since my highschool days im using this na. nakakatanggal talaga sya
Soap of the family
It is the soap of my loved ones everyday. I am very sure that all germs wash away everytime they take a bath
Safeguard user eversince
I've been using this product for years now. This makes me feel so clean and secured from germs. My mom and I particularly love using the pure white but also tried recently the one with lemon which I also enjoyed using because of its scent. However, there are some instances that I feel my hands are kinda dry after washing.
Safeguard since birth😊
Since I was a child, safeguard na ang sabon na gamit namin sa paliligo araw-araw kaya hanggang sa paglaki safeguard parin. Number1 soap for the family. Kinalakihan na at patuloy pang gagamitin sa pang-araw-araw. Siguradong germ free kapag safeguard soap ang gamit, lalo na sa mga kids 😊
Go to Bath Soap
I've been using this bath soap for years, it is the only product that I trust as it is mild as it claims to be. Plus it wash aways bacteria that gives you extra protection especially right now that we are having a pandemic.
Safeguard forever
I really love using safeguard especially this days because I know I will be really 99.9% germ free. For me this product doesn't dry my hands even my body and I know that when I'm using safeguard I'm really clean no body odors and like oil feeling after using it unlike other soaps. I recommend this to everyone especially this days because it will really protect us from germs because safeguard help me to fight germs since when I was a kid till now.
Safeguard Bath Soap White
This is always on our grocery list especially now that we have a pandemic. I feel secure whenever I use safeguard when washing my hands and taking a bath. I also love the smell, it is not over-powering.
Good though
We like using safeguard before but but there are times that i feel that our skin was kinda dry. I smells refreshing though. And it is anti bacterial soap so it really a big help for to minimise germs.
Clean as white
This product is always included on our shopping list plus its my husband's favorite, he like the scent of it and how it make him feel clean all the day long.

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