Simply Canola Oil

4.9 5 0 26 26 Simply Pure Canola Oil contains 100% natural canola seeds. Canola oil is derived from rapeseed, an oilseed plant.
Simply Canola Oil


I live with my parents and this is the cooking oil we always use. this is healthier kase instead of using palm oil. di rin sya mabilis bumaho.
great for deep frying
i like that it doesnt burn easily and can be used at least 2-3 times. a little pricey but when they go buy one, take one, that's a great buy. i always have this in my shopping cart.
Cooking with Canola Oil
I use this Canola Oil for every dishes I made frying , super tipid you can use this 3x super tipid gamitin.
Trusted brand
My mother would always simply canola oil, it is our family favorite cooking oil. We would always look for this brand and if not available we would buy it online or any online store.
Simply the best!!
When I first tried this product way back year 2016, my friend had suggested for me to try it. I love this canola since then because aside from having a fair price, the texture and smell of Simply Canola oil when cooking was good and this is good for the heart. Thanks!
Canola oil
This is one of my favorites product when I used to fry any meals, because this is healthy and highly recommended products. When I go to the supermarket this one is I already bought because this is a healthier oil and safest to use
Healthier option for cooking oil
We are using this oil for quite some time and I'm not that worried whenever we eat fried food since this is a healthier option for cooking oil. You can also use it for several times.
Healthy oil
By using this oil sa mga niluluto gaya sa pag gisa, prito, marinate, sauce. It helps us cook not just delicious but also healthy menu
Good For the Heart 💓
Me and My Hubby love fried food. but I always make sure even we eat oily food our hearts are healthy. thanks to this canola oil I don't need to worry because this oil is hearts friendly. I also recommended it to my Mother and to my Tita's who love cooking. 💓
Canola Oil for your heart
I have been using canola oil for every cooking I’ve had. It makes me feel at ease whenever o used it because o know it is heart friendly, and it compliments every dishes to..
Love Canola oil!
My mom has been using Canola oil ever since I was a kid and npw I am using it too. It's healthy, smells great and tastes better knowing that you're eating healthy with this oil. I also love using it for chili garlic oil 😍
The best oil in the market
I have been using Simply Canola Oil in my small business, chili garlic oil. canola oil is the best when it comes to health benefits and shelf life.
Simply Pure Canola Oil
We've been using this oil for several years because we know that canola oil is considered to be a healthy oil. It's great for frying, sauteeing, stir frying, ideal for all purpose cooking. Now that I'm pregnant, I even use this on my tummy to moisturize my pregnant belly.
Healthier option
This is our household's official cooking oil. Best cooking oil and food tastes better and deep fried foods are crispier. Better than vegetable oil or palm oil. Also cheaper I guess. Packaging is also okay
Using for deep fry
I like it because you can use it several times.

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