4.7 5 0 9 9 Pink on the inside, and greenish-yellow on the outside, extracts from this vibrant zingy fruit are famous for leaving skin brighter.Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, juicy peaches are superfood for healthy glowing skin.
St.Ives Bright and Radiant Hydrating Gel Pink Lemon and Peach
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St Ives is one of the product i hesistate to use , because of the price of the product but as many people ise it and say some positive comment i was curious and also try the product . That time at some point i already lose hopes for my bumps to go away but St. Ives remove all my baby bumps and acne in few weeks and save me from lossing my self steam .. this product was THE BEST OF THE BEST product ive use... hoping that i can use this too as free trial ... hahaha .... also I high recommend this product for every one to ise
Great Product
I have tried the product since I'm looking for face brightening facial cleanser that would suit me. I tried it for a couple of weeks and sadly haven't seen any changes on my face I dunno maybe this really doesn't suit me at all.
Satisfied skin!
Super nice and good for the skin, I highly recommended this product.
Super soft
It gives me and my family smooth skin mostly on out faces. I so love this product, I hope this will continue. Hoping to use it every day
Satisfied Customer
Me and my daughter are using it, and we loved it.. We are so satisfied with the result on my face. We love it so much
Love it.
I been using this since college. I really appreciate it and I really like how it help me to loosen my acne and pimples. I had this oily skin so I'm really attractive to pimples but when i used it i can say that atleast it lessen my pimples
Been using st. Yves since i was a kid and now that i have my own kids specially my daughter needs this. I like the scent and it is very effective. Proven and tested. Thank you!
Holy grail
My holy grail.... Ive been using st., ives for how many years... And it makes my skin so soft and smooth...
Glowy Skin Finished
This moisturizer from St. Ives is really amazing. After putting it on your face, it immediately gives you a brighter and radiant skin. Not only that, this product also maintains my acne-free face. Kudos to this product! By the way, one tub will lasts for 2-3 months, but it will depend on how you use it.
I really want to try this because of the good feedbacks I heard about this product.
Ive read many positive comments on this product and i want to try it soon
I want to try this product because i want to know if it can help me with my skin, especially that my skin is dry and dull.
I want to try this product and I think It's fits for my skin my dryness and oily skin in this summer season, This moisturizer from St. Ives is I think really amazing I already read the feed back and viola! it's 100% good review that's why I really want to try it
My friend recommend me this product.I wanna try if this is really effective.
My leader recommend me this product since ito yung ginagamit nya.I wanna try this St.Ives kase ito yung skincare product nya.She's kinda pinkish since mestisa sya.Ang ganda lng kase parang ang glow ng face nya.I dont know kung ganun din ang effect skin kase morena ako but why not to try di ba.I hope so.

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