4.9 5 0 45 45 Tender Care Pink Soft Baby Powder is sweet smelling with long staying subtle freshness. The natural talc helps protect skin against perspiration keeping it soft and smooth. Clinically tested hypo-allergenic and proven to be safe for your baby´s delicate skin.
Tender Care Pink Soft Hypo-Allergenic Baby Powder
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Soft touch
Soft for babies delicate skin...its very mild for babies
So Refreshing
We're using this product for years now. And we sooo loved it. The smell and texture of the powder even when sweating the scent was still there. Not "maasim" or anything. I also use this on my skin since Im not fond of wearing makeup. Yas! Loved it.
Tender loving Care
I love the scent of this Tender Care baby powder even if putting just a little bit of it. It doesn't cause irritation while being use. Would highly recommend it.
Tender Care, We Care
I love the mild scent of this Tender Care baby powder. Since then I use this product for my daughter. It doesn't cause any irritation & safe to use for babies. I will recommend this to use.
Tender Care
Soft and gentle on the skin. It smells nice and itis very affordable.
Tender Care
We really love this powder specially my children. The very nice scent and its soft and delicate especially to babies. One thing more is its very affordable and hypoallergenic.
sobrang mabango mild and refreshing magandang gamitin para sa bata
I love it! It helps my baby stay fresh and dry. He loves it, too.
Love the smell
I really really really love the smell,above anything this is my favorite eversince.. I always use this for my kids.. I bought 2 of this and pink is really my favorite..thanks tender care for thw tender love.
It smells so good and refreshing... My kids loves it. And i love using it as well. And it's very affordable. And the smell last long. I hope you will have this products especially for adults.
nice fragrance
I like the smell of this baby powder, just enough for my baby. It's like going to my childhood memories.
This is accessible to all ages especially if your allergy to dust and powder this is perfect to use with quality
Been using this since I started being conscious with how I smell. I love the baby scent and the other variants are refreshing too! This will always be my holy grail.
Feeling baby
I've always been sensitive with powders because of my dry skin but this honestly works really great for me. 💓 Been using this for awhile now.
Bench tattoo
Maganda sya like sa commercials hindi sya nakaka dry ng lips

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