4.9 5 0 96 96 Pick a TWIX Cookie Bar for a fun treat anytime. Made with a delicious combination of smooth chocolate, chewy caramel and crisp cookie, TWIX Fun Size Chocolate is sure to satisfy.
Twix Caramel Fun Size Candy
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My favorite Caramel Chocolate Twix!
I really love Twix my food energy! Love the real taste of caramel with chocolate combination of crispy, crunchy and chewy bar . Delicious! Easy to bring and affordable price. Highly recommended!
ok naman ang lasa nito pero Im not into caramel kaya di ko masyado nakakain.
This candy is not for the people for those who doesnt like sweets. Its really sweet because of the caramel together with the milk chocolate coating, but the biscuit contrasts the sweetness.
Ultimate Feel-Good Treat
Twix is the ultimate feel-good treat you could ask for. Perfect combination of chocolate and caramel that melts in your mouth plus the extra crunch from the biscuit. Now with its bite size, can you ask for more?
Twix sa Sarap
First time ko makatikim ng chocolate na Twix from my relatives abroad. Masarap sya at super sweet. Even yung chewy caramel sa gitna. Sarap ulit ulitin. We buy this at supermarket at super sulit. 👍
My Favourite!
This is one of my favourite! My parents and I always buy twix!
Twix Caramel Bar
Sobrang sarap neto since favorite ko ang chocolate and also caramel, nasasatisfy nito Yung cravings ko. Napaka chewy ng caramel inside 😍😍
Yummy Chocolate
Matagal kona favorite tong Chocolate na to and it never disappoints me! Sobrang rich nung filling at ang ganda nung combination! sobrang gusto koto bukod sa Cadbury. sarap talaga!
This chocolate is really yummy! It could really make u full when you're outside and hungry. Good as a quick bite!
I love twix
So delicious! I love sweets that's why i also love twix. One of my fave comfort food.
It so delicious among other chocolates always buying it whenever im going to grocery
my all time favorite since childhood
will never change this for anything, i love the combination of chocolate, gooey caramel and crunchy bread stick. always bring back my childhood memories. the smell is so good too. when i buy this i see to it i have my own pack, my children loves this too
Twix fun size
This Twix fun size is perfect for my kids. It’s cookie covered with caramel and chocolate is munching good. We love the delectable taste combination of caramel and cookies.
My relatives from the overseas usually sends a ton of these chocolates, not my favorite but I find this chocolate good. The caramel, chocolate and biscuit are enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
perfect combination.
Love this chocolate caramel product! 😍 this is one of my favorite when i was in gradeschool until now. 😊

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