4.9 5 0 30 30 Pick a TWIX Cookie Bar for a fun treat anytime. Made with a delicious combination of smooth chocolate, chewy caramel and crisp cookie, TWIX Fun Size Chocolate is sure to satisfy.
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One of my favorite
At first i thought it's just a caramel chocolate. And I'm not a fan of a caramel flavor. But when I ate and taste the crunchy and chewy that blends the caramel and chocolate flavor, it is HEAVEN!
my favorite choco biscuits
sobrang heaven ang lasa. isang kagat palang. grabe ang sarap. Yung lasa ng biscut, choco and caramel hmm. Super. i would deffenitely recommend it to all my friends and family.
All time fave
This chocolate is one of the best chocolate I've ever had. Sobrang addicting and di nakakasawa kahit na may caramel sya.
My favorite
This is dangerously good. I use to break them up and put them into my ice cream, but then I discovered Twix ice cream bars and now I'm obsessed! I've even gotten my friends to try and now they're addicted also. Oops! Lol
Twix lover
Bukod sa kitkat, this is one of my top list kasi di siya nakakaumay katulad ng ibang chocolates na sobrang tamis. Balance yung taste nya kasi may tinapay siya sa loob! Every payday i make surena meron ako nito sa cart ko.
One of my favorite chocolate
Sobrang gusto ko tong chocolate na to di nakakasawa very gooey chocolate because of the caramel and biscuit.
My favorite!
Whenever I am having a bad time I always eat Twix, because it tastes sooo good and I really love the taste! It would be very nice if they would make a big version of this, that would be sooo great. I recommend this product to everyone!
This Product is the best. not very sweet at all hahaha
Craving satisfied!
This product is a superb for me and for my daughter because it's a chocolate and a cookie at the same time plus the caramel inside of it we all love it!
Super loved it!!!
I super duper love this product. Makes me crave for more!!! Even me 3years old nephew love it at inaagawan pa ako lol!!!
I love sweets...and twix is one of my favorite...caramel and chocolate are good combination perfect for sweet tooth like me.
I love TWIX!
I love the taste and texture of twix. Very creamy and chocolatey. I really love the caramel taste of this chocolate bar. It energises me and fill up stomach! ❤️❤️
One of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhuhu One of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhuOne of my favorite huhu
I love Twix chocolate since it's a mixture of chocolate and there's caramel flavor inside with a biscuit. I also love how chewy this chocolate can be. It's a great snack which can satisty my cravings for chocolates
always yummy
grab a twix at anytime and if its Halloween definitely hide em. moms fee jkjk this is a great candy

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