4.9 5 0 65 65 Pick a TWIX Cookie Bar for a fun treat anytime. Made with a delicious combination of smooth chocolate, chewy caramel and crisp cookie, TWIX Fun Size Chocolate is sure to satisfy.
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Chewable taste
Not your typical chocolate biscuit, its has mouthwatering flavor that will overcome your indulgence most especially with sweets.
I love this chocolate so yummy, my daughter and son also love this product
I love this chocolate, it's not so sweet and I enjoy eating it and share it with my nephews and niece
My son the chewy and chocolatey taste of this product..so tasty ..the chocolate melts in your mouth.. The taste is not so ordinary chocolate..100% recommended..
Irresistably Delicious
I have been a chocolate lover since I was kid,but of course,I have my personal favorite..and Twix is one!Its caramelicious and chocolatey flavor makes me loose it.More often, I dont mind about sore throat..because of Twix🥰
Twix Lover
I really love this chocolate because it it smooth, chewy but also crunchy. I love how caramel filled each bite is and how it is liked by both kids and kids at heart. My Uncle as well as my 2 year old cousin use to share a pack or two whenever we are outside and it adds to the fun we share every time. The only thing is when we eat more than one, water is a must. A lot of it or surely ourthroat will hurt.
Deliciously amazing
Whenever I plan to make smoothies I always use Twix to make my smoothie even more delicious. Aside that it's a perfect mix it is also a good mind enhacer too, if I study during nights I eat twix, twix is right there on my table .
Twix a Treat
Twix chocolate taste awesome with chewy caramel on the inside. Great buy and my kid love Twix!!
I love it!
Our family love it! I use it as a reward for my kids when they do something good at school. We love the crispy pretzel like layer and the sweetness of the caramel and the smooth tasting milk chocolate 😋
One of my favorite chocolate!! It has a creamy texture, soft and gooey caramel. This chocolate is not so sweet unlike others. Perfect for snacks! I always have this with me wherever i go. ❤️
family favorite. love the combination of the biscuit,chocolate and caramel. also it taste just right. not too sweet.
I really love this chocolate, its one of my favorite chocolate brand. I really love the taste of it specially the caramel, I wish it can have more chocolate, and I will definitely recommend this.
Twix Chocolate
I'm super love the chocolate like Twix it's one of my favorite. This chocolate can make you sweet even more
Favorite pasalubong
Once na may galing ibang bansa eto agad pinapatabi ko na pasalubong.. Hehhe love kasi ang caramel. At ang sarap.. Now nag asawa nako ung pasalubong na ganito may kahati nako. Hahaha naalala ko childhood days ko dahil sa chocolate na to 🍫🍫😂
Not only for kids 😊
Good for snacks very chewy and creamy. Same taste still delicious.even not so kid will love it ❤

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