UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup

4.9 5 0 170 170 UFC Banana Catsup is a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas which provide the Tamis Anghang flavor. It is versatile, complementary to a wide selection of dishes whether for dipping, cooking, or marinating.
UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup


I always buy this whenever I do my grocery shopping. Di mawawala kasi the best to for fried food. Mapapasarap kain kapag may sawsawan. Okay din gamitin for cooking buffalo wings. Totally recommend.
Napakasarap na sawsawan! Swabeng swabe ang lasa! Pabirito ng anak ko!
I like this product because it add flavors to our dishes. We are using this product for almost 30 years i think and our family loves it. Not too sour, it has an exact flavor for a ketchup.
Isa po ito sa mga paboritong sawsawan ng aking mga anak bukod sa tamang tamis anghang from real banana with fresh spices at napakasarap sa fried dishes. Thumbs up ang aking mga anak.
The perfect sauce
This is a staple product for our family. We have been using UFC Tamis Anghang tomato ketchup for a variety of dishes. Sweet & tangy w/ a kick of spice… it’s the perfect sauce.
Honest Opinion
Its so good for being a sauce of every occasion, however the taste and density of it oftenly change. It appears smoochy and kinda sour right know. its a good quality in the past but it change
The best
Basta catsup ang usapan, UFC Banana catsup ang the best diyan. Favorite din ito NG family ko, the best sa mga pritong karne at isda, yan talaga sawsawang namin. The best din sa mga sa mga dish na may sauce like spaghetti. Ito lang talaga catsup namin, yung anak ko nakakakain na ito lang ang nakahalo sa kanin kaya sulit na sa lasa at presyo.
Mula Noon Hanggang Ngaun The Best Pa Rin Ang UFC Na Ito Paborito Nang Anak Ko Ang Ketchup Na Ito
All time ketchup
This is the number 1 ketchup for me. We have been using this since forever. I believe lots of Filipino families are using this.
I love ketchup, Same as I love to eat❤️. This product matches bread with egg every meal, best with fried chicken that my kids love. Best thing about this product is that you'll learn how to eat more 🤣
Love it!
Perfect talaga ang blend ng tamis at anghang. Eto un anghang na kahit bata eh kayang ienjoy. Best syempre with fried favorites - chicken, liempo, fish, hotdog, etc. Yum!
Ufc banana ketchup
I love it pwede sya kahit saan,sobrang sarap not too sweet and sobrang bagay sya sa mga frozen goods
This product never been absent to our purchased products, very useful and yummy at the same time. We always buy it because we love fried food which is most of ou viand, we even like it putting on our sarsado dishes, spaghetti, pizza and more! Very trusted Ketchup brand ever
all time favorite catsup
i love this catsup kasi tama yung sweetness at saka medyo may anghang kaya mapaparami ang kain kahit prito lang ang ulam.
Ketchup ng bayan
Ufc ketchup the best of all time,we cant live without ketchup sa bawat fried dish namin at spagetti..may kids loce this so much! Tatakbo at tatakbo sa tindahan kapag naubusan..

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