Vitamilk Double Choco

5 5 0 106 106 Vitamilk is the all-natural, protein-rich and best-tasting soy milk that's filled with vitamins and minerals to revitalize the whole family. When you need a good boost any time of the day, Vitamilk’s healthy, filling energy will surely go a long way.
Vitamilk Double Choco


My husband and my kids loveit so much
Are you a #chocoholic? Then you might want to grab this. It is creamier than the normal chocolate one from the same range and is not too heavy. I usually pair it with spicy noodles to cool my tongue. I love that it comes in a glass bottle with a metal cap.worth a try.
Healthy Choco
I always yearn for chocolate drinks and my sister recommended this as healthier option. Like all the flavors Vitamilk offers. Best flavored soya drink for me! My favorite drink after exercise.
Hindi mawawala sa ref namin pag tapos ng gawaing bahay pagod inom agad ng Vitamilk para may energy pa gang hapon.inumin na masustansya na kayang kaya pa ng bulsa.Vitamilk din ang gusto ng bayaw ko pag tapos nia mag gym.
This doesn't taste soy milk at all but a very tasty chocolate drink. I've been drinking this for so long and still taste like the first time I tried it.
Healthier option!
If you are not a fan of soy milk.. this could be the answer .. yummy and healthy
Vitamilk double choco
Not a fan of soy milk but I like how it taste. I didn't taste much of this as a soy milk, better than some other chocolate soy milks I’ve had in the past.
Owesome taste!
I love the chocolatey taste and helps me enlighten my day. I enjoy drinking it especially when its cold. You must try it!
the best
OMG. this one is the best soya drink i have ever taste and since then . i cannot get over it like .. hello the alpha mart here are near so I can just walk in and boom I have one again ..
Vitamilk Double Choco
Taste good and healthy ito minsan ang pag-umagahan ko o snacks sa hapon.
This Soymilk is good in our body . contains nutrients such as vitamin A and iron essential to one's reproductive system especially expecting mothers and babies as it promotes a healthy development during pregnancy
Not a fan of soya milk but I really love this chocolate flavor!
My husband really likes it! He always ask me to buy this in grocery and its always in our must buy drinks :)
Soyamilk has been my favorite since then and adding up choco makes me love it even more. Good thing that vitamilk added an extra twist of this drink and I love it in every snack that I do.
Love the taste
I have always been a solid vitamilk drinker since year 2016 because it taste good and a healthy drink as well. It energizes me everytime I drink this.
Most Favorite
With respect to other flavors, I can say that this is the best flavor of vitamilk. Because it is sweet but not too sweet. It's like chuckie for grownups.

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