Whiskas Junior Tuna in Pouch for Kittens

4.9 5 0 14 14 Whiskas Tuna Wet Cat Food in Can food for cats tastes great and contains all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your cat needs to make the most of the day. Cats can benefit from eating a diet specifically tailored to their age. Our meals will support your feline friend for every stage in their life.
Whiskas Junior Tuna in Pouch for Kittens


Best cat food ever
Im a busy mother i have no time to prepare food for my cats. And i discover this cat food and tried it . My cats now are healthy and have a shiny fur. They do not steal food from the dining table anymore. Big help for my self and my cats loved it. Im recommending it for cats owners to try it.
My cat loved it
This was my cat's favorite when she was a kitten.
My cat is already 7months old and whiskas junior tuna flavor is her favorite, we also tried the mackarel and it is also good. I wish it will be available soon in can.
Na try k na ng product nato kaya masasabe kung gustong gusto ito ng mga alaga kung pusa kaya ito na po ang lagi kung bibilhin.
Whiskas Jr.
I always buy this product. Gustung gusto ito ng mga cats ko. I have 19 cats right now by the way. So as a furmom, i highly recommend whiskas jr. because it's a quality product.
I always buy this one because ubos na ubos ng mga pusa ko. And I can really see the result after weeks kasi their fur is healthier and mas active sila. I highly recommend this Whiskas Junior lalo na sa mga kittens. They love it so much thats why I will give it a high rating. Thank you whiskas.
My cats favorite when she was a kitten, she doesn' t eat any other brand only this one. But she's an adult now and she also likes the adult version and with different variants.
Nice product
Mas gusto ito ng pet kitten namin kase di sya nahihirapang kainin kase since kitten palang sya d pa nya kaya ung matitigas na cat food kaya mas preferred ko to.
Cat’s favorite
My cousin has a cat which I gifted with this Whiskas variant. I am not familiar with cat foods as I only have dogs. This was recommended to me by the sales lady and wow, true that this is cat’s favorite. Recommended for cat lovers!
Favorite Food
My cat is so much into whiskas. She purrs a lot while eating. She is now a happy cat.
My Cat's all time favorite! Been using it for a month now. I tried a lot of other brands for my sensitive cat, bit this is the only brand she always eat so much. Much recommended for all FurMoms and Dads!
Our cats love this food !
We always put whiskas in our grocery list to make sure that our cats get a fod they love ! We're happy to see our cats love whiskas by the way our cats name luna and summer
For my siamese cat
So far my cats love to eat this and after they eat I think they are satisfied for the feeds. I used to give them this for almost 8mons.
My cats' favorite
I can still remember my cats' reaction when I introduced this whiskas tuna because they run towards me and they ate it for just about a minute.

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