4.7 5 0 17 17 Healing Aloe Vera helps in rejuvenating and improving damaged hair all while hydrating, nourishing, and sealing in its moisture. It also helps to untangle knots and leaves a natural shine. This shampoo have no sulfates, no pthalates and no parabens.
Zenutrients Aloe Vera Shampoo
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I bought this because it was 50% off at Watsons and this is CGA product. I was curly (digipermed) then. It is clarifying like it cleansed my hair really well but you need to put a lot of conditioner after you use it.
Helped save my hair
This shampoo helped restore my hair's natural shine. Smells great, too.
Gugo Shampoo
This is my baby's shampoo. Mabaho siya sa buhok at higit sa lahat ALL NATURALS 😊 maganda siya sa buhok ng 3year old daughter ko
I love the product
tried it once, and i feel my hair keeps on growing, i have dandruff and it improves my hair.
Ilove it!
I tried this product and bought it when they were on 50% off. And from then we always bought other store offers to be tested😊
I love this product!
First time I used this was only a give aways in Mommymundo Bazaar then After Trying this product which actually stops my dandruff I've never purchased any other brands! Difinetly Switching to this Natural Products it's very effective I don't have a dandruff anymore! Try it for yourself!
for curly hair
i've tried this product since i joined the group of curly hair..this help us in cleansing without any harmful chemicals on it..i recommend this to all curly girls because it enhances our hair without damaging it :) two thumbs up to this product👍👍
Hair Care for all
I was hesitant when I bought it but its a good thing that I was convinced by my mother. My hair thickens and shines. Hopefully it can speed up my hair growth since I want to have a longer hair again.
Glowing hair
I once bought this product at Sm Bicutan, tried it once, ang i feel my hair keeps on growing, i have lesser hair and it improves my hair not to easily break and worst lossing.
Perfect for Curly Girls
Organic and perfect for keeping my hair healthy and naturally curly. Highly recommended for curly girls as it does not contain any silicone and other ingredients that weighs down your hair and make it dry.
Too pricey and not effective.
Dry on hair and I had dandruff while using this. I stopped using and I gave the shampoo to my neighbor. I thought it's fine for sensitive scalp/skin since it is made from aloe vera.
Best suits for a curly girl like me
This product brand has been my favorite among all the products I have tried. My hair has undergone a lot of hair procedures due to harsh products, ironing and coloring. Zenutrients is suited for curly girls which gives a balance of moisture and protein that tames frizz and unmanageable hair strands like tangles. It has no harmful ingredients that can damage the hair and washes off the harmful silicones, oils and waxes that builds up in the scalp as well as the harsh sulfates. With a mild scent, it will definitely go a long way. Kudos to this product
zenutrients aloe vera
i had tried this shampoo once since my cousin have this kind of product. after drying my hair i saw the improvement of my hair. twas so soft and moisturized, away from my dry hair.
I love organic
Five star for this all organic shampoo because it has amild scent which I love and its really great to use especiallyif tou have thin hair... it would make tour hair thick and alive again
Organic mild shampoo
This is best shampoo for having a sensitive scalp since it has an organic and natural ingredients that will not irritate your scalp

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