4.8 5 0 22 22 <p>A delicious dessert is only a few minutes away with this Betty Crocker Super Moist Milk Chocolate Cake Mix. This super moist cake mix has pudding added to it. This Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 15.25 oz, is simple to make and is suitable for a kosher diet.</p>
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Nice products
Love how easy is it to use as all instructions are clearly written on the box. The cake is nice and soft not too sweet! Cheap and convenient
Have tried it before for once and my children love it. Easy to bake even for those who not a bakers.
So easy to bake and the cake is very good, chocolaty
Super rich and tasty
Brought it to try and it is super rich and tasty. The chocolate is very rich and nice. The cake is very moist. I will always put a dollop of Nutella or add a cube of chocolate inside each serving cupcake and after baking, the core of the cake will ozz out and taste super chocolaty which i love ❤️. But it might be too sweet for older people.
Won't go wrong!
If you need a recipe to boost your confidence, go for this. Indeed foolproof and guaranteed delicious. Tried a few times and it didn't disappoint me.
My favourite cake mix brand of all time! Taste and texture always on point.
Baking made EASYYY
Very very simple to make. And the cake itself tastes really really really great! Super moist! A little to the sweet side but what’s Betty Crocker if it ain’t gonna be sweet!!!!
Awesome cake
the nicest cake i ever tasted. Making it was easy as a, b, c.
Betty Crocker Super Moist Milk Chocolate Cake Mix
This Betty Crocker Super Moist Milk Chocolate Cake Mix is so easy to use that my kids always choose to do the baking at home. Fail proof and always taste good.
Easy made and nice
This is so easy made receipt, and zero fail rate! good to try!
Betty crocker super moist cake sangat sedap dan menyelerakan...Rasa aduan yang sebati secukup rasa...Kek coklat susu sangat berkrim dengan salutan coklat asli
This is so delicious! I buy it very often, my family loves it
Very moist indeed ..felt like heaven in my mouth😀 ..definitely buying again and again since i love baking
I have tried and easy to make best chocolate cake I've ever made
Great taste soft and delicious easy to bake and children loves this

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