4 5 0 7 7 Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Leg Pad is your easier alternative for foot aches and pain relief. Formulated with natural aromatic fragrances that pamper your legs, feet, and heels, get the spa-like foot massage treatment in the form of a gel-pad. Best of all, it's easy to use? so you can wake up to a pair of refreshed and rejuvenated legs by just applying the pad overnight!
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Nice scent "hydrogel" cooling sheet for egs
It feels cooling on application and relaxes the feet. As you move about such as standing, It can feel squishy and not attached to the feet well because of the texture similar to a hydrogel mask. Recommended thumbs nice scent and it does the job.
Relaxing tired legs
Purchased it in Taiwan during travel. Tried it and find it really helps to reduce sore legs
Relax the muscle
Bought this in Taiwan when I was pregnant and on vacation. It did cooling down my muscle overnight. But it doesn't really stick well on my leg.
Cooling effect
The patch lives up to its name, definitely cooling. The gel is no longer there after few hours. Gets absorbed into skin.
Great for a long day
Tried this product when I was out travelling in HK. After a long day of walking, my legs were aching so badly, used this overnight. Feels minty, cooling. Instant relief to my legs. Just that it does not stick as well to my feet but overall is fine. Just purchased one pack recently for me to use after a day long day of work.
Cool and Refreshed
The cooling pads give quick instant relieve to my tired aching legs. I use them after a long day with the bubs. I love the cooling sensation on my legs and the subtle scent it has.
Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Leg Pad
I have personally purchased a box from Watson and the pads were able to cool the legs but I don't find any other benefit.

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