4.7 5 0 9 9 le Koko Krunch Maxx Choc-filled Cereal gives you a reason to wake up with a smile. This wholegrain wheat cereal is made with chocolate-filled goodness on the inside and coated with a layer of crunchiness. It’s also boosted with vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9, protein, iron and calcium for your everyday nutrition.
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Koko Krunch
So yummy! I like and so crunchy in the mouth. I like the feel of the chocolate favor that melts in the mouth.
good for kids
my kids love this new product as it gives them more taste than the usual.
Good breakfast booster
Tried it without milk and it was too dry for me. I was expecting chocolate to ooze out. After adding milk to the bowl of cereal, it was different! It was crunchy and a bit soft in the middle and i definitely can taste chocolate! I would much prefer if the chocolate will ooze out (like meiji's)
Koko Krunch Choc-filled
My son loves it! Everytime we go to the supermarket, he always asks me to buy this. It is good with or without milk. My son is very picky but this is one of his favorites! Thank you!
Lo loves it, a new breakfast addition
My daughter just loves it, she is choosy on new additions to breakfast but this one seems to win her heart. Perfect sweet and girs as a great snack too with or without milk both ways works for kiddo.
My kids luv it but quite expensive for a small packing
Koko krunch
My kids just love it from the time they have tried this cereal they are ready to have milk whenever I ask them to ... with an enthusiastic and jolly mood .. thank you koko krunch for this lovely and healthy meal for kids
My kids love it ????
The cereal is filled with chocolate fillings which both my boys like it so much, They won't stopped eating until the packet is empty. I also can't resist the goodness n join in the eating too....
A must have
I bought this for my daughter's Breakfast before going to School. She loves it. But it's too sweet maybe because it has choco filled cereal. But all in all she Loves it so Definitely will buy her again.

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