4.8 5 0 7 7 Don't worry about spills or drips with Ziplocs new double zipper bags, suitable for small snacks or multi-purpose storage.
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A must-have in any home
I dont think i go a day without using at least one of these. They come in handy for everything. I make homemade soups and store them in Ziploc bags in the freezer. Takes up less space and easier to thaw to reheat!
Great product
This ziplog bag is one the best I’ve ever used! I kept my marinated fish over night and there was absolutely no leakage. Would recommend to use especially if you are going to contain liquids, this is a really great product!
These are awesome for the freezer, I buy big blocks of cheese and cut them up into the sizes I need and freeze it. These are the only bags that I can put this stuff in and it doesn't get freezer burn! We also portion our meat like this.
I always have ziploc at home, these bags are so useful for everything
These bags are really strong and definitely worth paying for. The zip locks are strong too so great for when you cook up your food for the week and bag it up, these are the perfect bags.
Locks in all the moisture and freshness, food stays fresh for longer!
works great with portions of meet to freeze with out the freezer burn,Locks in all the moisture and freshness, food stays fresh for longer!please send a sample.

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