5 5 0 2 2 Introducing the newest member of the Bega Peanut Butter family, Bega Simply Nuts! A natural peanut butter proudly made in Australia from 100% Aussie Peanuts and roasted to perfection for added deliciousness!
Bega Simply Nuts Natural Peanut Butter Smooth
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I loved it!
Better than the average peanuts butter available on shelf. Not easy to find though as it is not available at some regular hypermarts.
Bega Natural Peanut Butter
I eat peanut butter everyday in my breakfast,so I am always on a lookout for Natural organic and 100% pure nut butters. Happy to come across this Natural goodness. It is easy and smooth to spread, wholesome with the goodness of best quality peanuts. A must try for Peanut Butter lovers.

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