4.3 5 0 267 267 Relieve itch and redness for eczema-prone skin* with Cetaphil® PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Wash & Skin Restoring Moisturizer. It is clinically proven to soothe, hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier— making it the gold standard skincare regime for your eczema-prone skin*. *Via improving skin hydration & skin barrier function
Cetaphil Pro Ad Derma
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Cetaphil wash and moisturiser
I have used it for my teenage child as his skin is sensitive. This wash is very good for everyone to use in order to help skin retain its moisture and not rob it of its natural hydration. It helps sensitive skin to soothe. The moisturiser is used by everyone in our family,it absorbs fast and is non sticky. It provides great hydration and avoids the skin getting oily.
Excellent product
I have tried and tested this product and it works wonders. Use it daily
This is another fantastic product from Cetaphil. Great for dry skin
Loving it
i have tried it. Love the feeling after using the product. I will definitely purchase this for personal use.
100* effective it leaved my skin hydrated for 24 hours relieves itchiness and your skin will be soft and clearer .it can be used by the whole family
Great for kids
Great to smooth itchy skin. Mine was due to dry, shaved legs and this cream really stop the itch. Good on kids with eczema too, stop the peeling
I want to try this product coZ my face got pimples
Suitable for sensitive skin most especially for babies. Most recommended brand
Please i want to try for my baby.. Give me a sample.thanksyou
hi i already used cetaphil baby shampoo n body wash but haven’t try adults dry skin lotion can i get free samples for those at same address

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