4.2 5 0 13 13 <p>The deep cleansing formula is proven to clean deep down into pores, thoroughly dissolving dirt, make-up and oil for shine free skin that lasts.</p>
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser
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Decent product
Its a decent product. It does its function well and clean throughly , i used it when i was abroad a year or so ago . It didnt dry out my skin after using but skin will return to oily after a while . Its does whats its adveritsed , nothing more and nothing less .
Good product
Cleans well and pores looked cleaner. Did remove extra sebum and felt clean and fresh after use
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser
Good cleanser effective in removing impurities & oil from pores yet not too drying for the skin.
Good product
Good level of moisture, cleans skin out well without drying it out too much. Gets rid of make up / other impurities well.
Clean face after a long day
Love the deep cleansing effect after using Clean & Clear deep action cleanser ~ Gives a refreshing feel
Average oil control
Used it in my teen days. Does the basic cleaning but my face will return to slightly oily after a couple of hours. Good as a normal cleanser for normal skin type but does nothing more than that.
Good cleansing
It works alright for my oily skin, but the efficacy wears off after a few weeks and my face felt oily within 2-3 hours after washing with it. Maybe it's for people of other skin types...
Really clean
The skin feels very clean and soft after wash, and feels moisturised. No dry after feel.
Im 33 and still struggle with acne. I have tried anything and everything and not much seems to help. I use the clean and clear product instead of my normal apricot scrub and it make me so clean and oil free!
my son has bad acne and this product WORKS awesomely. results within 2 days
It works! My skin more clean and fresh, and the most important it looks healthy. Recomended.
I really like product from that company. I would love to get samples of that and check it. Another I tried helped me really good with acne and blackheads. I tried lots another products and just this company help me best. I can honestly recommend their products!
It works! My skin more clean and fresh, and the most important it looks healthy. Recomended.

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